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Apr 17

Iron Biby opens up on dramatic 88lbs weight loss and reveals his radical diet change including drinking… – The US Sun

IRON Biby is preparing to take the strongman world by storm.

Set to become the first athlete to represent Burkina Faso at World's Strongest Man this year, the 30-year-old will be heading to the competition with a slimmer physique than fans will be used to.

In a recent exclusive with The U.S. Sun, Biby, whose real name is Cheick Ahmed al-Hassan Sanou, explained how his recent call up to the competition came amidst his push to lose weight.

Having received the offer around a month ago, although his participation was only recently made public, Biby said that he's down an impressive 40kg (88pounds).

He explained: "I'm not in my best, best shape because I did lose it.

"It took eight months for me to lose 40 kilograms and I was just doing like CrossFit training, like assault bike, stuff like that.

I wasn't really prepping for World Strongest Man. And then I had the call, I'm like, 'Okay, it's about time.'"

Biby's weight loss can not only be attributed to his new exercise routine but also his drastically changed diet.

He explained: "So the shape I had before, you know, I weighed over 210 kilograms (463pounds) and I used to eat like two rib-eye steaks in the morning with eggs and bread."

In order to drop the pounds, Biby wouldn't eat until 1pm, starting his day with a cup of "my Yorkshire tea. I love my Yorkshire tea.

"And then I have like just two eggs and chicken breasts. It was really, really like a low, low-calorie diet."

Now prepping for World's, however, has meant yet another switch in his approach to food.

Biby said: "But prepping for World's Strongest Man, my coach Darren (Sadler) told me to eat more.

"And I'm having a hard time eating more, but I'm trying, you know.

"Let's say in the morning I can have like three eggs and one rib eye steak, and then every three or four hours I can have rice and the chicken or rice and fish.

"I love, I love salmon, so my diet has just been like that.

"I didn't really like calculating the amount of calories I'm getting."

For Biby, 2023 will mark his second shot at the competition, having previously been "shipped back" in 2018 after he contracted Malaria.

And while he may not be in his "best shape," he's focusing on using this as a learning experience in order to "come back stronger and stronger."

But don't expect Biby to be happy simply going for a participation badge.

"I'm going with all my heart," he said. "When I want to do something, I do it with all my heart and I will give my best in every event."

WSM is set to take place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina from April 19-23.

Original post:
Iron Biby opens up on dramatic 88lbs weight loss and reveals his radical diet change including drinking... - The US Sun

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