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Apr 17

I’m a 63-year-old body builder – here’s my secret to losing weight … – The US Sun

A CHAMPION bodybuilder has revealed the secret to losing weight in a healthy way.

Lee Haney - who held the title of Mr Olympia on a staggering eight occasions - took to Instagram to reveal the sought-after trick.



Sending out a promotional post for his self-help fitness book 'Fit at Any Age', the 63-year-old addressed his 274k followers.

He said: "The key to losing weight is to make sure your body is in a calorie deficit versus a surplus in calories being consumed."

Fondly known as Hercules, Lee was one of bodybuilding's most decorated athletes.

He won every Mr Olympia competition from 1984-1991, breakingArnold Schwarzenegger's record of seven in a row.

A consummate professional, the former Mr Olympia harnessed his remarkable talent to a phenomenal work ethic - and would obsess about improving his previous performances.

He revealed: "When you're on top, there is nowhere to go but down," Haney said during an interview with the founder and CEO of Labrada Nutrition, Lee Labrada.

"The pressure of how do I stay here, what can I do differently to bring about a better package than the last time."

Despite the former champion's advice, it is worth mentioning that this is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

In one of the most detailedclinical trials published by the National Library of Medicine, researchers found that how much weight the participants lost on different diets varied greatly, and some even put on weight.

It comes after personal trainer and fat loss specialist Emily Servante echoed Lee's fitness advice.

Pushing a less is more approach to shifting the pounds, Emily said: "In actual fact, the fundamental science of fat loss is pretty straightforward.

Eat less,exercisemore, and create a consistent calorie deficit and you will lose fat. Simple.

Unfortunately, whilst the science may be simple, actually putting it in practice is hard work.

The PT compiled a list of tips and tricks to maintain a healthy weight.

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I'm a 63-year-old body builder - here's my secret to losing weight ... - The US Sun

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