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Mar 12

How to lose weight naturally: Size 20 mum Brittany Gordon-Brown who suffered three miscarriages after weight spiralled drops 35kg – 7NEWS

A mum who suffered three heartbreaking miscarriages has shed 35kg naturally - without stepping foot in a gym.

Brittany Gordon-Brown, from Queensland, was hoping to fall pregnant again in the hopes of growing her family after she gave birth to her first child, daughter Maila, four years ago.

But as she tipped the scales at 115kg, the 35-year-old started to think her weight gain sparked multiple health issues and infertility struggles that shattered her dreams of having more kids.

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I have never felt such painful loss until my first miscarriage. It was devastating, Brittany tells 7Life.

By the time the third miscarriage happened, I started to think it had to be my body failing these poor children.

My first focus was weight loss to ensure my diet and body function was processing correctly.

Determined to turn her life around, the administration officer went from a size 20 to 12-14 after she tweaked her lifestyle.

Years before her dramatic body transformation, Brittany lived off an unhealthy diet of convenience foods.

I didnt know how to eat and would grab whatever I could while juggling a child and a full time job, she recalls.

I found I was eating a lot of carbs and fats. I had no idea how or where to start and I seriously needed my hand held.

According to a global research, the average woman gains about 11 to 15kg during pregnancy.

Brittany says she ended up putting on 35kg.

As she was raising her daughter while struggling with her pregnancy weight, she was desperate to overcome her unhealthy habits when she started suffering excruciating knee and joint pain.

Ive never felt more self conscious than I did when I weighed 115kg, she says.

I was so tired all the time and my right knee was giving way.

I was constantly visiting the physiotherapist and doctor because I never felt physically or mentally right.

But after numerous miscarriages, I decided enough was enough. I knew I had to lose the weight if I wanted to feel healthy.

Her slim chances of getting pregnant again sparked her weight loss.

Knowing we werent going to be having any more children was the catalyst for me, she says.

If I couldnt fulfil the goal of growing our family, I needed to get into my best shape to ensure our four-year-old daughter Maila had a healthy and happy mother to rely on.

In November 2021, she signed up to the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, a low-calorie meal replacement that she combined with healthy eating and regular exercise.

While on the diet, I didnt exercise at all, she says.

I was far too self conscious of my own body and what I would look like when I exercised.

Within five months of healthy eating, she dropped 18kg.

Once I got to 75kg, I started doing Pilates and jogging to start working on my core strength, she says.

Starting the diet was the best decision I ever made as Ive developed such healthy lifestyle habits now.

More than 15 months on, she has lost an impressive 28kg.

Its amazing how fast the weight comes off if you stick to the plan and focus on the goal, she says.

I honestly dont think I would have lost the weight without this diet.

Brittany now follows a healthy diet - but occasionally treats herself to her guilty pleasures.

Just not every day, she says.

I stay really good during the week, and sway a little bit on the weekends.

We still need to live. All the hard work at the start takes the guilt out of the equation now.

BREAKFAST: Protein smoothie

LUNCH: Chicken salad

SNACK: Yoghurt and granola

DINNER: Steak with vegetables

Calorie counting is still necessary to maintain, but its a lot easier now, she says.

Her fitness has ranged from a body re-composition workout routine to strength training.

Its excellent and makes me feel great, she says.

Brittany, whos currently 73kg - feels happier and healthier than before as she can fit into her favourite outfits again and enjoy an active lifestyle with her little girl.

Old pictures of myself make me feel sad that I left the weight on for so long, she says.

But new pictures of myself make me feel really proud of myself.

I feel like a new, and even sexier woman.

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How to lose weight naturally: Size 20 mum Brittany Gordon-Brown who suffered three miscarriages after weight spiralled drops 35kg - 7NEWS

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