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May 11

Whats The Healthiest Way To Prepare Chicken For Weight Loss? We Asked Experts – Yahoo Life

Woman preparing chicken for cooking

Whether your want to lose weight or just make healthier meal choices, lean proteins like chicken can help women over 40 reduce fat and build muscle. Experts agree that lean proteins like chicken can also provide your body with protein and energy, and burn more calories than red meat.

To learn more about the healthiest way to prepare chicken for weight loss, we consulted the experts: Lisa Richards, a registered nutritionist, and Jen Welper, the Wellness Executive Chef at the New Mayo Clinic Diet. They said that grillingis the healthiest, weight-loss-friendly way to cook chicken. This is because grilled meats have reduced fat content because fat drips off as the food cooksthat way meals are healthier and it makes it easier to manage a low-fat diet. Plus, reduced fat intake helps lower bad cholesterol levels. Find out more below!

Who doesn't love chicken? This lean protein can be a healthy and affordable meal for anyone looking to lose weight or improve their overall health. Chicken strengthens bones and muscles, helps reduce cholesterol, controls blood pressure, and is rich in vitamins D and B.

While oven-baking chicken can provide a delicious and filling meal, Richards and Welper agree that grilling is often the healthiest way to prepare this lean protein. "Chicken is best cooked without unnecessary added calories from oils and other ingredients," Richards, who founded The Candida Diet, explains. "Grilled chicken is typically the healthiest method of eating chicken, but you must be mindful to avoid adding fats and high-calorie toppings."

Richards continues and says that after eating grilled chicken, "you will be more nourished because you are opting for lean animal protein rather than meat that is high in fat." Eating grilled chicken "on a regular basis can replace meats high in saturated fat that can lead to heart disease and other chronic illnesses," she adds.

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Welper points out that the ingredients you add to your grilled chicken and the "type of cut" you get matter if you want to lose weight. That's why it's important to carefully examine the type of chicken you buy at the store. "With a boneless, skinless, 4-5 ounce chicken breast, grilled would be ideal," she says. "An outdoor grill is not necessary as you can use the cast iron skillets or griddles for this."

"A serving of boneless, skinless chicken breast is under 300 calories, just 6 grams of fat, no carbs, and 53 grams of protein," Richards tells us. "This is an excellent source of lean protein for weight loss. When purchasing chicken breast, always opt for skinless as this is where most of the fat is contained."

Richards concludes that grilled chicken offers you the leanest possible meat with far less fat and calories than any other meat or cooking method. "You may feel more satisfied because of the protein content in grilled chicken," she notes. Protein, she continues, is a "satiating macronutrient that helps the body feel full for longer." Overall, she stresses that regularly eating grilled chicken "can lead to less overeating throughout the day."

So, experts agree that grilling your chicken is the best way to cook them for healthy weight loss. They also suggest cooking with as little oil as possible with unsaturated fats like avocado oil and choosing toppings and herbs that are anti-inflammatory and low-calorie. And, if you're looking for some recommendations, check out these 4 grilled chicken recipes for weight loss!

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Whats The Healthiest Way To Prepare Chicken For Weight Loss? We Asked Experts - Yahoo Life

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