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Apr 25

Nutritionists list worst foods to eat while trying to lose weight – Nottinghamshire Live

Many people will agree going on a diet is no easy task, especially with the amount of unhealthy temptation around us, whether that be at the supermarket or while browsing takeaways on our phones. However, certain foods should be a big no-no if you're determined to lose weight - even ones that you may think are healthy.

There are a number of items which are low in fat but are high in sugar, or contain good levels of carbs but lack key nutrients like protein and fibre - making dieting even more of a challenge. However, some argue that foods which are high in protein and fibre can help keep you feeling fuller for longer, potentially supporting weight loss.

So which ones should you switch to and which should you avoid? Below sports nutritionist Rob Hobson and author of The Science of Nutrition Rhiannon Lambert list some of the worst foods you could eat if you're trying to lose weight, as reported by the Mirror.

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Although it is often seen as a healthier alternative to other oils, such as olive or vegetable oil, coconut oil still contains plenty of saturated fats.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Rhiannon Lambert, author of The Science of Nutrition, said: We know that a high consumption of this kind of fat is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, so its important we keep our intakes within the recommended amounts of 20g of saturated fat for women and 30g for men.

Of course, coconut oil is something that we can and should enjoy as part of a balanced, healthy and varied diet, but just be mindful of how much we are consuming and try to opt for healthier unsaturated fats from olive oil, nuts, seeds, and avocados instead."

While many fruit juices contain one of your five a day, with the likes of orange juice helping with its Vitamin C benefits, there are some juices and smoothies that have masses of sugar in them - on top of the natural sweeteners already inside many fruits. To avoid consuming more sugar than fruit, check the labels first or chose a different brand.

According to sports nutritionist Rob Hobson: Breakfast cereals are fortified with nutrients and some are not that high in sugar which makes them an OK choice for breakfast as part of a balanced diet." But others, which contain high levels of sugar and pieces of chocolate are not the healthiest way to start the day, he said, instead advising consumers to steer clear of these.

Although, compared to sugary cereal, granola may sound like the healthier choice - this may not always be the case. This breakfast item can often contain large amounts of oil, sugar and in some cases added salt, according to Rhiannon Lambert. She stresses the importance of checking labels and to bare in mind low sugar - that is 5g per 100g - options are best to go for.

Lots of chocolate brands now produce high protein bars but this doesnt mean they are good for you. They also come loaded with sugar and saturated fat, unlike natural lean sources of protein like chicken, turkey, eggs, fish and tofu.

As tasty as they may be, jam doughnuts are full of unhealthy ingredients - including high amounts of sugar and white flour. The baked sweet treat also tends to be deep fried. Rob Hobson says just one jam doughnut has five teaspoons of sugar in it, plus high amounts of saturated fat.

Sports nutritionist Rob Hobson says: Fried chicken is loaded with saturated fat which can increase your risk of heart disease. It also contains heaps of salt which can increase blood pressure when eaten in excess." Two fried chicken drumsticks contain nearly 500 calories, 2.5g of salt and high amounts of saturated fat.

According to the NHS, some meats are high in fat, especially saturated fat - including sausages. Eating a lot of saturated fat can raise cholesterol levels in the blood, and having high cholesterol raises your risk of coronary heart disease. Such processed meat also contains high levels of salt and preservatives like nitrates.

The World Cancer Research Fund warns that people should eat little to no processed meat and says there is strong evidence that consumption of either red or processed meat are both causes of colorectal cancer.

Fizzy drinks, such as cola, are among some of the worst things you can drink if youre trying to watch your weight. The very high levels of sugar, coupled with the nutritionally empty calories in the drink means that it is a bad choice for weight gain and dental health if consumed in excess, according to nutritionist Rob Hobson.

With these sorts of foods, there tends to be lots of processed meat, white flour in the bun, processed cheese and salty sauce. With the pre-packaged snack containing a long list of additives and preservatives it might be worth making your own burgers, from mince and your own choice of flavourings and seasonings.

According to the NHS, if you currently eat more than 90g (cooked weight) of red or processed meat a day, the Department of Health and Social Care advises that you cut down to 70g. Up to 90g is equivalent to around three thinly cut slices of beef, lamb or pork, where each slice is about the size of half a piece of sliced bread. A cooked breakfast containing 2 typical British sausages and 2 rashers of bacon is equivalent to 130g.

According to Rob, Brits consume far too much white sugar. Many will have spoonful's of it, including in their tea or coffee. But this much sugar can lead to an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. If you have to quench that sweet tooth, try switching to a low calorie sweetener instead.


Excerpt from:
Nutritionists list worst foods to eat while trying to lose weight - Nottinghamshire Live

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