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Apr 17

Nia Jax Says WWE Superstar Is Helping Her Lose Incredible … – TheSportster

Talk of Nia Jax returning to WWE only gets louder as the former WWE star says a current WWE talent is helping her lose an insane amount of weight.

If Nia Jax is making a return to wrestling, it sounds like she's going to look like a million bucks. Even if she doesn't make a comeback, the former WWE Superstar who made a brief appearance at this year's Royal Rumble is making solid choices with her health and is motivated to get in better shape, lose weight, and feel good about herself.

Jax (Lina Fanene) shared on Twitter Sunday that she had a conversation with current WWE star Charlotte Flair about her body weight and Flair jumped at the opportunity to help in Jax's weight loss journey. Jax tweeted, "Me to @MsCharlotteWWE after her wedding: I feel gross & uncomfortable! I want to lose weight. She said Flair's response was, Please let me help you! You got this woman." Jax then added she was already down 48 lbs from the moment they had that conversation.

Flair -- known for being in incredible shape and also dealing with self-image issues because of her athletic look -- has been sending Jax workouts and checking in trying to motivate her to keep going. It makes sense that someone who has been open and honest about her own personal struggles would relate to someone joining through their own personal struggles. Flair is among the most physically fit athletes in WWE (male or female), and she clearly knows how to get someone in shape based on Jax's early results.

Intriguing about all of this is the past history between these two women. It was Jax and Flair who had what appeared to be a legit shoot fight in the right during an episode of Raw. Apparently, that's water under the bridge. Jax's weight loss will also lead to questions about a potential WWE return.

She noted in a recent interview, "There is nothing like getting in the ring and performing in front of thousands of people." She added that she'll have the odd workout with Natalya and said, "You still have that fire."

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Nia Jax Says WWE Superstar Is Helping Her Lose Incredible ... - TheSportster

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