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Apr 25

Im a gym girl who lost 87 pounds I was worried Id have loose skin but I snapped back, now I just nee… – The US Sun

LOSING a significant amount of weight can change your life, often in unexpected ways.

One young mom lost 87 pounds in one year but was surprised when she didn't end up with a common side effect.

In March of 2020, Lauren Polinskey (@laurenpolinskey) weighed 230 pounds and was ready to make a change.

Over the course of the next year, she lost 87 pounds and now posts motivational content for fellow fitness-minded women.

Despite the change, the 143-pound influencer lacks the loose skin commonly associated with major weight loss.

In a video, she opened up about the main factor in her "snap back" to such a toned body.

Posing in a pair of fitted leggings, Polinskey smiled as a frequently-heard comment appeared on the screen in a caption.

"You lost 87 pounds and barely have loose skin because you're young," read the common gripe from critics.

"Okay. You got me there," Polinskey responded, mouthing along to a viral audio clip. "But that is not a crime."

In the video's description, she talked at length about her weight loss journey.

"I was so worried about loose skin and my mom said 'Lauren, that's just an excuse!'" she remembered.

When Polinskey started working out, her mom said, "'You're young, you'll snap back!'"

"I honestly didn't believe her, but she was right (duh, moms always are and she's a nurse)," Polinskey wrote.

"The younger we are, our bodies are still producing a good amount of collagen," she explained. "That's what keeps our skin tight and firm."

It's also why Polinskey encourages women in their twenties who want to lose weight to "start ASAP."

"You're going to snap back a lot better than you think," she advised.

She also said she was "lucky" not to have much loose skin.

"I have some on my lower tummy and I definitely need a boob job now," Polinskey wrote.

The most important thing, she added, is women don't allow the fear of loose skin to stop them from hitting their fitness goals.

"I'll probably get a tummy tuck when I'm done having babies one day," she admitted. "No shame if you do end up needing skin removal, babe!"

"I promise you're still going to be feeling WAY better healthy," she assured followers. "Loose skin is not a big deal!"

Read the rest here:
Im a gym girl who lost 87 pounds I was worried Id have loose skin but I snapped back, now I just nee... - The US Sun

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