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May 11

I lost 83LBS in a year – here’s how I shed weight AND got a six pack – Daily Mail

By Katie Dollard and Kelsi Karruli For Dailymail.Com 14:31 10 May 2023, updated 15:46 10 May 2023

A teenager has become unrecognizable after dropping 83lbs in just one year and is now sharing his fitness journey online to help others struggling.

Nick Dipietro, 18, weighed 250lbs before he began eating right and exercising.

Due to 'overeating' and a lack of exercise, his body size continued to increase, prompting the teen to constantly feel 'tired' and overworked after climbing one flight of stairs.

Now, Nick weighs 167lbs and boasts a six-pack of abs and has shared how he shed pounds with millions of social media users who have been left stunned and 'inspired' by his jacked physique.

Nick first decided to take control of his fitness after an eye-opening incident at school.

He explained: 'I found myself extremely tired and sluggish even though I had a good sleep schedule.

'One key moment that contributed to my journey was after a whole school assembly everyone had to make their way up a main flight of stairs.

'I remember standing out of breath halfway up the stairs while everyone rushed past me.

'Standing there, being the only one left, I realized I had to change something with my health.'

In May 2022, he committed to a gym routine, working out six days a week, and a new, healthier diet which has seen Nick lose 83 lbs in just one year.

He knew his diet - which included fried chicken, wings, pizza, cheeseburgers, and many snacks - had to change.

He said: 'My diet was all over the place when I was overweight. The main problem was not what I ate but how much, as I often resorted to binge eating while studying or when I was stressed out.'

Nick's family was extremely supportive of his plan to lose weight, which helped him in the process.

He added: 'I specifically want to thank my mom because she drove me to the gym and she cooked food for me based on my new diet.'

However, his friends didn't fully believe the 18-year-old would stick to his routine, which motivated Nick even more.

'My friends gave the usual response that most do thinking it was a cool idea, but I don't think they believed I would do it.

'That's part of the reason that since that day, whenever I say I will do something, I always do no matter what.'

Because Nick didn't want to begin blindly working out, he did plenty of research before going to the gym.

He said: 'I had no one to guide me in the process so I used the skills I learned as a good student regarding research and applied it to finding the best way to lose weight.

'Some of the guys at the gym commented on my form and other things, but again, it was almost all through research on the Internet.'

Soon enough, the teen was in the gym six days a week, pushing himself more and more every day.

'I started working out, controlling my portion sizes, and being consistent.

'My diet had a calorie deficit of 2,000 per day, with about one gram of protein per pound of body weight, and I made sure to go the gym six days a week.

'I usually only do weightlifting, I didn't do cardio for quite a while.

'But have started to do some recently since it's good for your heart, but it's not needed in weight loss,' he explained.

Before starting his weight loss journey, Nick would eat cheeseburgers, pizzas, take-out, Chinese food, fried chicken, hot dogs, wings, and generally anything fried.

But now, he loves to cook his own fresh meals, with store-bought ingredients, and he ensures that he gets a lot of protein.

He said: 'I consume many natural types of meat, aiming for a high protein intake.

'My weight loss has fully been down to healthy nutrition and exercise. A lot of my friends didn't recognize me after I started my weight loss journey.

'But everyone has been supportive and happy for me.'

To document his journey, the teen decided to share his transformation on TikTok, with a recent video of his 'before and after' videos racking up 13.5 million views.

In the clip, Nick begins by showing his body in 2021, before cutting to a clip of himself at the start of 2022 and then in 2023, as he flexes his muscles in the mirror in black gym gear.

'You can't change that much in a year,' the clip is captioned.

Thousands of users have shared their reactions in the comments, gushing over his new physique.

One person commented: 'Bro redesigned his character.'

Someone else added: 'My jaw dropped, good job.'

'This is so inspiring,' wrote another person.

'The opposite of a jump scare,' said one user.

'You're the definition of a glow up sir,' added someone else.

Someone else wrote: 'Bro glow up?'

Another user said: 'Outstanding.'

One person commented: 'A year bro.'

The 18-year-old has a new lease on life and loves his new routine.

Nick added: 'I am super happy with my transformation.

'I'm looking to improve my physical and mental health by focusing on my health and fitness.

'The other goal behind what I do is to inspire others.

'I hope to show people that if they have the same goals I had, and are in a similar starting place, they can achieve it.

'The biggest thing I believe in is nutrition and discipline.'

Before beginning his fitness journey:

Breakfast: Four slices of toast with eggs and butter

Lunch: Chick-fil-A and Chipotle takeaway meals

Dinner: Steaks, stews and burgers.

Snack: Crisps, pretzels

After losing weight:

Breakfast: Protein shake, protein oatmeal, scrambled eggs.

Lunch: Teriyaki chicken and rice, tacos, protein shake, salads.

Dinner: Bison burgers, steaks and asparagus, stew, grilled chicken, tacos with ground turkey.

Snack: Vegetables, protein bars, bananas, peaches, celery, homemade popcorn.

Originally posted here:
I lost 83LBS in a year - here's how I shed weight AND got a six pack - Daily Mail

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