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Apr 25

Health Check Podcast: Will I lose weight with the Healthy Keto Diet … – The Straits Times

Dr Lim Su Lin, chief dietitian at the National University Hospital, held a press event recently to talk about how her Healthy Keto Diet is different from the traditional keto diet, and how it has benefitted many trial participants who are from the hospital.

She said the healthy keto diet is an effective diet for those who are overweight or have obesity and want to lose weight safely. She said it also does not lead to higher bad cholesterol levels. This diet is, however, not suitable for some groups of people, including those who are pregnant, underweight or have eating disorders.

STs senior health correspondent Joyce Teo hosts Dr Lim as they also discuss the type of cooking oils to use and examples of low-carbohydrate fruits.

Highlights (click/tap above):

0:57 Is the healthy keto diet mainly about carb reduction and healthy eating?

6:38 What makes healthy keto diet different from the rest?

11:04 Examples of healthy fats, low carb foods,low carb fruits, with price consideration factored in too

15:23 Mistakes people make when going on a keto diet?

19:34 A 1-day sample menu of the Healthy Keto Diet

Produced by: Joyce Teo (, Ernest Luis and Eden Soh

Edited by: Eden Soh

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Health Check Podcast: Will I lose weight with the Healthy Keto Diet ... - The Straits Times

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