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Sep 2

Boost your metabolism, burn fat, and work your muscles with this 15-minute walking workout – Fit and Well

Some people think walking isn't a 'real' workoutafter all, walking is a regular part of our day, even if we don't go on a dedicated stroll. However, this 15-minute walking workout can improve your fitness, look after your heart, and boost your metabolism.

While lacing up a pair of thebest shoes for walkingand heading out on an extended hike can be a great way to improve your cardio health and strengthen your lower body, you don't need to leave the house to get some of thebenefits of walking.

Whether you train at home or exercise at the gym, this quick 15-minute session from YouTube trainers Juice and Toya is designed to get your legs moving, your heart pumping, and muscles working without any equipment.

According to the duo, this short routine "can be used as a workout, warm up, or a recovery session [and is] great for low impact days where you want to get your heart rate up, get some steps in, and break a sweat."

There are 15 different movements, so to fit it all in, you'll exercise for 50 seconds, take a 10-second break, then start the next exercise. There are no repetition targets, so you can exercise at your own pace and decide whether you're after a casual session or an intense workout.

Walking is easy on your joints, which is why people refer to it as a low-impact exercise, but you can adjust the intensity to hit your fitness goals. If you want to keep your muscles moving, taking things a bit slower is okay too.

But if your goal is to burn fat or lose weight, you'll want to keep the intensity high throughout Juice and Toya's 15-minute session. It's a style of exercise known as high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

The aim is to keep the intensity high, exercising in short bursts with minimal breaks. This raises your heart rate, which burns energy during the workout, but it also helps boost your metabolism for all-day fat-burning.

This is why many people turn to aHIIT workout for fat lossif they want to drop pounds. But even taking the pace down for Juice and Toya's routine has its benefits, aswalking exercisecan help us stay strong and supple as we age.

Plus, exercise can seem expensive, especially if you take out a gym membership or invest in a set of the best adjustable dumbbells for at-home training. Walking, on the other hand, is entirely free.

It's a versatile form of exercise, so you can train intensely to improve your cardio fitness or take a casual stroll to protect your mind. That's why walking is one of the topself care ideasto improve your well-being without breaking the bank.

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Boost your metabolism, burn fat, and work your muscles with this 15-minute walking workout - Fit and Well

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