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Aug 25

8 Celebrities Who Refused To Lose Weight For a Role! – Young Hollywood

The internetwent into a frenzy when KimKardashianrecently admitted to losing 16 pounds inonly 3 weeks for the Met Gala. Was she promoting unhealthy eatinghabits, or is this normal? No, this is not normal, and othersagree. Celebrities are put under intense scrutiny for their weight,but here are some that said No thanks! to losing weight for arole or runway!

1. FlorencePugh

Pugh toldThe Sunday Times StyleMagazine that was she was instructed to lose weight for atelevision show. I was a baby and I thought that was Hollywood.And I thought, okay, this is how it works here and then I feltstupid because I thought, well, of course, how could I come to L.A.and not have expected to have my weight discussed in a meeting?Instead of losing the weight, she posts videos of her singing andcooking on her Instagram Stories. Cooking with Flo has become a fanfavorite.

2. Aidy Bryant

Despite herincredible success on the legendary "Saturday Night Live", Bryant described to AdWeekly how shewas only offered offensive and mediocre jokes. There was onewhereand I dont think it has ever seen the light of daya man wasin a prison and the other guys in the prison were like, Youve gotto get an ugly girl to be your prison wife and shell come andbring you food and have sex with you! And then they were like,And that would be you. Instead of accepting these offensiveoffers, or shedding pounds in order to be more "acceptable", shestayed true to who she is and started to write for herself. Shedecided the only change she needed was the right kinds of roles,and her popular Hulu series "Shrill" followed.

3. Gigi Hadid

Before GigiHadid was labeled one of the biggest supermodels in the world, shewas just a regular high school student. While in high school, Hadidplayed volleyball and still had a volleyball body once shegraduated. Once she was out of school, she struggled to bookmodeling jobs because of her athletic built. She toldi-D, It was a body thatI loved. I knew how hard I worked to have those muscles, to becurved in those places. In 2015, designer Jean PaulGaultier was the first person to put her on therunway.

4. LiliReinhart

Reinhart hasbeen transparent with her fans about the body image issues that shedeals with on the daily basis. I want other young women to see mybody on TV and feel comfort in the fact that Im not a size 0. AndIm not a perfect hourglass shapeThis industry struggles with anaccurate representation of female and male bodies. So I commend thewomen who have helped our industry take a step in the right andauthentic direction. Reinhart has also voiced her opinions aboutKim Kardashian losing an excessive amount of weight in a shorttime. To walk on a red carpet and do an interview where you sayhow starving you are because you havent eaten carbs in the lastmonth all to fit in a f*cking dress? So wrong.

5. Kirsten Dunst

Dunst wastold by director Sofia Coppola to lose weight forthe drama film The Beguiled. Dunst refused, and thedirector was understanding. In 2017, Dunst spoke to Variety about this issue.Its so much harder when youre 35 and hate working out Imeating fried chicken and McDonalds before work. So Im like, Wehave no options! Im sorry I cant lose weight for thisrole.

6. RosieHuntington-Whiteley

In the earlystages of her modeling career, Rosie was told that she had to getin better shape and lose weight. Im quite stubborn, so I didnt.

7. Alex Newell

"Glee" starAlex Newell auditioned for the lead role in Kinky Boots and the director stated that Newells weight would inhibit themfrom playing the role. Newell toldStylecaster, I waslike, 'This is a show where theyre encouraging you to be who youwant to be. Dont let them tell you who you should be. Theyliterally looked me in the face and told me I was too big to play arole. Theres no limitation. My weight does not prescribe what Icannot do."

8. Ashley Graham

At only 15years old, Ashley Graham was scouted in a mall and was instantlytold to lose weight. However, this modeling agent was only thebeginning. Graham voiced her opinion to the LasVegas Review-Journal by stating, The really hard moment waswhen my dad said, 'Honey, if an agent is telling you to loseweight, then maybe you should lose weight.'" Despite the commentsabout her weight, she became the first curvy model on the cover of Sports Illustrateds Swimsuit Edition.

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8 Celebrities Who Refused To Lose Weight For a Role! - Young Hollywood

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