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Jul 16

You’ll Love the Results! Check Out the 17 Best Workouts for Stubborn Belly Fat – Parade Magazine

Lets face it: Belly fat can be stubborn. As many hours as you spend at the gym, it can be tough to shed pounds in that area.

Aside from diet, one of the biggest reasons people struggle to lose weight in their midsection is due to their workout regimen. Its important to learn which exercises target what parts of the body.

Luckily, there are a lot of great belly fat exercises that fitness experts swear by. Here are 17 of them.

This move is a great way to target the backside, which is just as important as the abs. Both your glutes and abdominals are part of your core, says Jennifer Jacobs, CPT,Beachbody Supertrainer and creator of Job1 programming.

How to do it:

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Cycling is an incredibly effective way to torch calories and burn fat while strengthening your muscles, heart, and lungs, Jacobs states.

How to do it:

Jacobs' Peaks:

This move targets the obliques without straining the neck and shoulders, says Jacobs.

How to do it:

High-intensity interval training is an effective way to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time, Jacobs explains. Its a great move to target the core while moving intensely with a mountain climber.

How to do it:

Using a resistance loop, the scissor rock is a unilateral hollow hold body rock targeting the internal obliques, says Jacobs.

How to do it:

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Hollow Body Holds are the single most important foundation movement to get stronger abs and wake up that core, Kari Pearce, professional gymnast, and award-winning fitness trainer, explains. Hollow Body Holds will work your six-pack ab muscles and deep stability core muscles (which are essential for your posture).

How to do it:

Candlesticks are a great way to work your abs and get some high-intensity cardio while you're at it, says Pearce. Not only are Candlesticks a great movement to work your abs, but as you stand up and add the lunge jumps, it will work your entire lower body, which allows you to burn calories and fat!

How to do Candlestick Roll to Sit Up (Level 1 Variation):

How to do Candlestick Roll to Lunge Jumps (Level 2 Variation):

Spiderman push-ups are not just a movement for your arms, Pearce explains. These will work those 6 pack abs, obliques, hip flexors, quads, shoulders, chest, and triceps. You get an excellent workout because of this one movementit's like getting two different exercises in one when you do them right.

How To Do Spiderman Push-Ups (Level 2 Variation):

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If you need to modify Spiderman Push-Ups, then you can do Push Up + Knee To Elbow. You will still get all of the same benefits.

How To Do Push Up + Knee To Elbow (Level 1 Variation):

This movement is a must if you want to tone up your midsection, says Pearce. It will work your 6-pack ab muscles along with your hip flexors and quads.

How to do it:

Side to Side Floor Thrusters works your abs, obliques, and other muscles that are not usually targeted in traditional ab exercises, Pearce explains. Plus, due to the high-intensity nature of this workout, you will get out of breath quickly, which means burning calories from the second you start doing them.

How to do it:

The great thing about squats is that they can be done in a variety of ways including body weight, dumbbells and bands. These work to build muscle in your legs, glutes, core and back very effectively, says Lauren Powell, Performance Coach at Future.

How to do it:

These are very similar to the squat, but add in a jumping component, Powell explains. These are a great option for getting the heart rate up, while also continuing to build strength and muscle tone.

How to do it:

This is a great movement that requires only body weight. While primarily focusing on the core, this movement will also work through the shoulders, hips, and back, says Powell.

How to do it:

This is a more advanced movement but provides a great level of challenge. While working the legs, glutes, and core, you will also be getting your heart rate up adding in a plyometric component as well, Powell states.

How to do it:

Training the anterior (front muscles of the core) with flexed hips away from the body helps focus the exercise into the six-pack area of the core compared to traditional crunches, which rely heavily on the hip flexors to create the crunching movement. Including at least one flexion-based exercise in your ab routine will help create definition in the show muscles of the core complex, Gini Grimsley, CMS, CSCS Grimsley, Director of Fitness Product at VASA Fitness, explains.

How to do it:

Training the core in a spiral connects the lower body to the upper body. Rainbow ball slams utilize your obliques, which gives your core a strong V-taper, Grimsley states. The move will also improve overall strength and help you burn more calories after your workout is done.

How to do it:

This move challenges all the core muscles and makes the surrounding stabilizing muscles work harder, Grimsley explains. The more muscles that are involved in an exercise, the greater the ability to burn calories, which is what helps uncover those abs you're building!

How to do it:

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Excerpt from:
You'll Love the Results! Check Out the 17 Best Workouts for Stubborn Belly Fat - Parade Magazine

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