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Nov 28

Weight loss: "My IT career made me pile on 25 kilos! Here is how I lost it and became a bodybuilder" – Times of India

My breakfast: During your transformation, it's all about choosing the foods which help you stay consistent and maintain the balance for a long period. My breakfast was the same for a year. It always included leafy greens, with high fats and proteins (with lots of cheese to be precise) and low carbs. And yes, lots of water!

My lunch: I was a pure vegetarian before, but had to include chicken and rice with greens for almost 10 months when I was misguided by trainers and gymmers to consume non-veg if I wanted to build my body. When I gained the right knowledge, I switched back to my old choices, which now includes soya chunks, lentils and curd.

My dinner: A cheese sandwich, or veggie pasta. I have to add here that I have a voracious appetite, and hence, my diet worked for me.

Pre-workout meal: This one stays constant - delicious Whey protein shakes with low carbohydrates so that my body is fueled up before I workout.

Post-workout meal: Whey protein thick shake. Mostly mixed with fruits. You will forget about those sugary and harmful drinks out there.

I indulge in (What you eat on your cheat days): Food cooked by mom always tops the list. Every single day, I do meal prep myself but on my cheat days, I savour the treats my mom makes. If I'm going out, I prefer having burgers or cheesy pizzas and fries.

My workout: I love bodybuilding, so my workout includes strength training 6 times/week on a Linear Periodization model and a day to recover. Workout basically includes conditioning most of the part, followed by very little cardio.

Low-calorie recipes I swear by:

1. Watermelon juice with an apple along with some chat masala sprinkled.

2. Whey protein Kulfi.

3. Lemonade.

4. A lassi recipe I invented myself.

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Weight loss: "My IT career made me pile on 25 kilos! Here is how I lost it and became a bodybuilder" - Times of India

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