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Aug 29

Couple lost a combined 31st and their marriages – but found love with each other – Mirror Online

Sucking in her tummy, it did not matter which way Jenna Watts turned there was no escaping her 30st reflection in the mirror.

The newlywed was booked in for gastric bypass surgery to help her realise her dream of starting a family.

But as the weight fell away after her successful op, so did Jennas love for her husband.

After meeting fellow slimmer Rob online, sparks flew and now the pair are madly in love.

Jenna, 32, said: Its like a fairytale. Robs the perfect guy, we have so much in common.

Losing the weight has been amazing but finding Rob and having him cheering me on has been even better.

Between us, weve lost 31st, countless dress sizes and two spouses but what weve found is worth so much more true love.

Ditching all that dead weight was the best decision we ever made. Losing everything led us to so much more.

Lead support worker Jenna had struggled with her weight all her life and at the start of 2019, was 30st and wore size 34 clothes.

That March she had a gastric bypass on the NHS at the Spire Manchester Hospital.

The August before, Jenna had wed her long-term boyfriend and was keen to start a family.

But she said: I knew that at my size, there was no way I could conceive so thats when I decided to have the bypass.

After the op, Jenna shed the pounds but her marriage hit the rocks. She said: I thought my weight loss would make us stronger but my husband became jealous of my shrinking body. We quickly fell out of love.

It was a shock. Id had the operation for our future family but instead, it just highlighted all the problems in our marriage.

Devastated Jenna turned to Rob, 30, who she had met a month earlier in an online support group for gastric surgery patients, The Friendliest Gastric Sleeve/Bypass Group UK.

And Rob, who also lived in Manchester, was in a failing marriage, too.

Jenna said: I wanted to know if the weight loss had affected anyone elses relationship in the same way.

Rob and I were always chatting and liking each others pictures so I felt like I could turn to him. But when I sent him the message on Instagram, I worried Id overstepped the mark.

When he replied to say his surgery had affected his marriage too, I was relieved. It felt good to know I wasnt alone.

We were both loyal to our partners but there was definitely a spark there.

Jenna realised her heart was no longer in her marriage and 11 months after her gastric bypass, in February 2020, she ended the relationship.

She said: Id never pursue someone while Im in a relationship. But my marriage had hit rock-bottom. I was slimmer than ever and I loved my new body, but I just didnt feel like I could be myself with my husband.

Leaving was a hard decision but we didnt love each other and I knew it was for the best.

Afterwards, Jenna told Rob her marriage was over. She said: It felt like fate. I messaged Rob as a friend but when he told me hed split from his wife and was newly-single, it felt like a sign.

The pair confessed they had feelings for each other and agreed to meet for the first time two weeks later on Valentines Day.

Jenna said: I was so nervous but as our eyes met, everything else disappeared. We had an instant connection.

Were perfect for each other, and from the moment we met, we hit it off.

Since finding Rob, Jenna has lost 16st and shrunk to a healthy size 16. She said: I couldnt be happier and I love my new figure. Doctors told me I wouldnt lose as much weight as I have but with Rob cheering me on, Ive lost more than they expected.

At 14st Im healthier than ever and I get to enjoy my new lease of life with the man I love.

Rob, a Royal Mail driver, had a gastric sleeve op and has shed 15st, slimming down from a 48 to a 34-inch waist.

He said: From the age of six, I put on a stone every year of my life. By 29, I was 30st.

The surgery changed his life. He said: Im one of those people who will give it 110 per cent, so I did. I now weigh 15st and feel amazing.

I really love wearing suits now and flaunting my slimmer frame. But thanks to the surgery, I found Jen.

Nothing happened between the pair before their marriages ended, but Rob felt a connection with Jenna online.

He said: We connected over losing weight but we never spoke out of turn to each other we were both still in relationships.

"Before the surgery I always said to my wife, Im never going to change, but I wasnt prepared for how much you do change.

One day, Jen messaged me and asked if I was having trouble in my marriage. Thats when we started talking and realised we had all these crazy weird connections. Rob now describes his weight loss as a rebirth.

He said: Unfortunately when Jenna and I were bigger, no disrespect to our exes, we sort of settled for people. I used to think I was in love with my ex, but I wasnt.

The amount of love and care from Jen is incredible.

Shes accepted me for who I am, and I do the same for her. Were so lucky to find each other.

The smitten couple have swapped promise rings and will wed when their divorces are finalised. Jenna said: I know Rob and I will be together forever, so I dont mind the wait.

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Couple lost a combined 31st and their marriages - but found love with each other - Mirror Online

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