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Oct 7

A Week Of Keto Meals To Kickstart Your Diet And Lose …

When you are just starting out the keto diet it can be hard to find enough recipes that are low carb and keto friendly. That is why I put together a full week of keto meals to make it a little bit easier for you. The keto diet consists of eating a very low amount of carbs per day which force your body to use fat for energy instead of carbs, therefore melting the fat right off your body. I have personally been following this diet for a few months and cant recommend it enough. Ive reached mygoal weight of 120 pounds and feel more full of energy and happier than I ever have!

Give these weeksworth of keto meals a try and have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner sorted for the whole week!

If you think that keto breakfast consists of only bacon and eggs (trust me, you CAN get sick of bacon eventually!) then you will be wrong. You can have anything from pancakes, waffles, toast, and even porridge while on the ketogenic diet. If you have only a very little time in the morning and dont want to spend the Monday morning cooking pancakes, you can premake them on the weekend and keep in the fridge, ready to reheat and enjoy in just a couple of minutes!

Recipe&Image Credit: Sugar-Free Londoner

Recipe&Image Credit: Keto Connect

Recipe&Image Credit: Inspector Gorgeous

Recipe&Image Credit: Dashing Dish

Recipe&Image Credit: Tasteaholics

Recipe&Image Credit: Wicked Stuffed

Recipe&Image Credit: Sweet As Honey

These quick and easy keto lunches are perfect to make ahead of time and take to work. All of these recipes are light and easy to eat straight out of a takeaway container at your work desk or at home. Some of them you can even eat while walking down the street if youre an extra busy lady!

Recipe&Image Credit: Eazy Peazy Mealz

Recipe&Image Credit: Skinny Taste

Recipe&Image Credit: Eatwell 101

Recipe&Image Credit: Hey Keto Mama

Recipe&Image Credit: Wholesome Yum

Recipe&Image Credit: Life In The Lofthouse

Recipe&Image Credit: Peace Love And Low Carb

Whether you have only 30 minutes to prepare and cook dinner or you like to spend a good hour behind the stove, these delicious keto dinner recipes will have you covered for the whole week! The best part about these is they taste just like normal food and you wont have to make 2 different dinners for yourself and your family.

Recipe&Image Credit: The Recipe Critic

Recipe&Image Credit: Ketogasm

Recipe&Image Credit: Peace Love And Low Carb

Recipe&Image Credit: Eatwell 101

Recipe&Image Credit: Low Carb Maven

Recipe&Image Credit: Wholesome Yum

Recipe&Image Credit: Little Spice Jar

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A Week Of Keto Meals To Kickstart Your Diet And Lose ...

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