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Feb 24

1000-lb Sisters stars Amy and Tammy Slatons major show plans revealed after fights over TV salar… – The US Sun

1000-LB SISTERS stars Amy and Tammy Slaton have big plans during filming for the second half of season 4.

A source close to Tammy, 36, exclusively told The U.S. Sun that producers are in talks to send the entire cast on an all-expenses-paid vacation to Greece.

The show wants to treat Tammy and her new husband Caleb Willingham on a honeymoon trip and bring the entire family along with them.

Tammy has never been able to travel frequently because of her weight, and now that she is shedding the pounds, she's eager to see the world.

Greece has always been a bucket-list destination for the Slatons, as Tammy's sister Amy Halterman, 35, previously had a Greek-inspired pregnancy photoshoot ahead of her youngest son's birth last year.

The cameras have not started rolling for part B of season 4 quite yet, as Tammy's friend said the luxury vacation may not be enough to convince the family to stay with the network.

The source claimed Tammy and her family are in talks with another production company to start filming a spin-off show.

Tensions have been high between the Slaton family and producers, as they've been at odds over salaries and the narrative of the show, according to the source.

Tammy's insider said the family might rather have the opportunity to start with a new show with improved contracts, than have the adventure of a lifetime in Greece.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to TLC for comment.

Previously, The U.S. Sun revealed the cast of1,000-Lb Sisters- includingTammy, her sister Amy Halterman, their half-brother Chris Combs, and their half-sister Amanda - feel they could be making more money if they left their current production network's contract.

Tammy takes up most of the screen time in recent seasons, and a source close to the Slaton family has shared she only makes around $2-3K per episode.

The insider also claimed Tammy spent all of her earnings from the show paying for her 14 months of weight rehab without financial support from the producers.

Meanwhile, Tammy's half-sister Amanda - who joined the cast during season three - allegedly only takes in about $700 a month for her appearances on the show, according to the source.

The 1000-Lb Sisters insider said Amy makes the most on the show because both of her sonsGage, two, andGlenn, seven months, have contracts.

Although according to the source, the kids' cash isn't going into Amy's pocket: she has the funds set up in trusts to go toward her boys' college tuition.

On top of the small salaries, the family also feels producers aren't telling their story truthfully.

The insider close to theTLCstars claims every time a cast member attempts to have a "serious conversation" on the show, the producers edit it out.

Everyone in season four Part A - including Tammy's husbandCaleb- has signed contracts to film Part B and can't accept any other commercial opportunities in the meantime.

Greece may or may not be in Tammy's future, although she definitely wants to focus on traveling now she isout of her 14-month stay in rehab.

Tammy is able to fit in the front seat of a normal car and no longer needs to ride with extra room adjusted for her in the back.

She can also stand for short periods of time to give her friends and family hugs, although she's still working up to walking longer distances and driving.

Tammy is back inKentuckyand adjusting to her new healthy lifestyle now that she's been abstaining from drinking alcohol, smoking, and vaping for nine months.

Previously on 1000-Lb Sisters, Tammy admitted shedowned eight bottles of boozea week, leaving doctors fearing for her life.

She also openlyate pizza, vaped, and asked friends for shotsof liquor in clips from the show.

In the season three finale, she evenstopped breathingfor a time after a party bender.

The U.S. Sun revealedTammy nowweighs just over 400 poundsat the end of her rehab stay - and is nearly half her size.

After once tipping the scales at 700 pounds, Tammy lost a shocking 300 pounds in her battle against obesity.

As show fans know, Tammyadmitted herself to rehabearly last year for a second time to get her life back on track.

"When Tammy was first in rehab, she needed to reach her goal weight of 550 pounds from around 700 pounds in order to beapproved for her bariatric surgery," a friend told The U.S. Sun exclusively.

Bariatric surgery is an operation on the digestive system to help a patient loseweight quickly in extreme situations.

On the recent season four episode of1000-Lb Sisters, shereached her goal weight.

As The U.S. Sun first reported, Tammysuccessfully underwent the life-changing procedure in the summer of 2022- and the friend claimed she has since dropped another 150 pounds.

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1000-lb Sisters stars Amy and Tammy Slatons major show plans revealed after fights over TV salar... - The US Sun

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