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Apr 25

NHS soup and shake diet CAN reverse silent killer putting patients in remission for at least 5 YEA… – The US Sun

LOSING weight and keeping it off could be a long-term cure for type 2 diabetes, a study suggests.

A UK trial was first to prove the illness can be put into remission by shifting the flab.

It has now found the effects last longer than five years in the most successful slimmers.

Out of 85 people in the study, 48 were in remission after two years and 11 were still diabetes-free after five, losing an average of 8.9kg each (1st6lbs).

More than four million Brits have the condition, which is often triggered by a lazy lifestyle and rubbish diet.

The soup and shake diet tells patients to stick to an 800 calorie a day plan for three months and found those who did so for that time then kept the weight off were free from symptoms five years later and no longer needed medication.

Tens of thousands of patients with type 2 diabetes will now be prescribed the diet on the NHS, costing 1,100 per patient under a new nationwide plan.

Dr Elizabeth Robertson, of Diabetes UK, hailed the pioneering research.

She said: For those who put type 2 diabetes into remission, it can be life-changing and offer a better chance of a healthier future.

For those that arent able to go into remission, losing weight can still lead to major health benefits, including reduced risk of heart attack and stroke.

The first phase of the trial, led by Glasgow and Newcastle universities, inspired the NHS soups and shakes diet which limits patients to 900 calories per day.

Losing weight can strip away fat from around the pancreas and liver, helping them to function properly and regain control of blood sugars.

Two thirds of Brits are overweight or obese meaning millions are at risk of type 2 diabetes.

Participants in the trial started on the NHS soups and shakes diet and got regular help from nurses and dietitians to get back to a healthy weight.

They were half as likely to end up in hospital because of their diabetes, compared to people who got no help.

The NHS spends 10 per cent of its budget on treating the illness and complications.

Trial chief Professor Mike Lean, from the University of Glasgow, said: Type 2 diabetes causes a range of progressive and life-shortening complications.

This trial has shown us that a substantial proportion of people can maintain sufficient weight loss to be free from the condition for up to five years.

The weight management intervention also reduced the need for blood pressure drugs.

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NHS soup and shake diet CAN reverse silent killer putting patients in remission for at least 5 YEA... - The US Sun

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