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Aug 2

What is the ideal weight for women? – Reports Healthcare

Who doesnt like fitting into that old pair of jeans that was super expensive? Are you someone who wants to shed those extra pounds safely and quickly? Does that extra layer of fat spoil your mood whenever you try to fit into that leather skirt?

According to some researchers at the University of North Carolina, men tend to lose weight more easily as compared to women especially the belly fat around the midsection. This doesnt mean that losing weight is impossible for women but it highlights the fact that women have to work a little harder than their male counterparts to shed those extra pounds.

Remember losing weight will not be an easy task unless you have iron willpower. It will make you hungry and leave you craving for sugary snacks that you loved and yes there will be tears. Most importantly, no one is losing a pound without any exercise and a healthy workout routine. It doesnt necessarily have to be boiled chicken and beans all the time, if you eat smartly and keep your calorie intake in check, losing weight can actually become a fun task. Below are four easy steps to keep in mind before you start your weight loss regime.

1. Eat Breakfast like a Queen

It all depends on how you start your day. A healthier start leaves you motivated to make healthier decisions for the rest of the day. Breakfast jump starts your metabolism hence add a source of lean protein (e.g beans), fat (e.g, olive oil, avocado oil, nut butter) and fiber(e.g fruits, vegetables, and whole grains) in your breakfast. A bowl of oats topped with fresh raspberries and a glass of milk is an ideal breakfast.

Your breakfast calorie count should range from 400 to 500 calories which will not only keep you satisfied but will help you lay off the urge to munch.

Processed foods are rich in sodium which is added to it for preservation purposes. Excess of sodium is bad for your health even when youre not on a diet.

Processed foods may seem an easy to grab option, easier to cook and less effort consuming but at the expense of your health. They are less filling and are more likely to cause over-eating later in the day. The trick while grocery shopping is

3.Say Hello to Lean Proteins

How often have you heard that fitness guy talk about that delicious protein shake? Ever wondered why all the fitness lovers talk about proteins all the time? Heres why proteins help you lose weight, protein takes up more energy of your body to burn and digest as compared to carbs and fat hence including proteins in your diet will help you boost your metabolism. Moreover, proteins will also provide nutritional support for the workouts and help you maintain a lean and toned muscle tissue.

Try to eat 80 grams of protein per 100 pounds of your body weight and include a palm size dense portion of protein in every meal like a piece of chicken, tuna or salmon.


No one is shedding any weight without moving and starting a healthy workout routine. Cardiovascular exercises help you torch more calories. A cycling session, a ballet lesson or a swimming program is excellent for beginners as it will initiate the weight loss program with a zing of entertainment.

Remember workout is not all about lifting weights and exercising in uncomfortable positions! They have a different purpose in the game but not in the initial days of a beginner. Consult a trainer at the gym, he/she will recommend the proper workout routine that will get you started and help you head towards your fitness goals.

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What is the ideal weight for women? - Reports Healthcare

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