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Jun 9

There’s a new cosmetic op women are going wild for and it involves removing their ‘bingo boobs’ – The Sun

It's the skin between the breast and the armpit that bulges out when wearing a bra or a tight top

THERES a new type of boob jobon the block andthe procedure involves removingpart of a womans chest.

The area, known as bra bulge or bingo boobs, isthe crease ofskin between the breast and the armpit.

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A bra or tight clothing squeezing the area usually causes the skinto spill outover the top.

Those with bigger boobs are especially susceptible and it can cause some women to feel self-conscious.

The folds are slightly different to bingo wings the folds of loose flesh that hang from the upper arm which can be toned up with arm strengthening exercises.

As for many, no matter how much exercise they do its tough to shift the pesky bulge.

Boob jobs were once the popular treatment for women at cosmetic surgeries, but now doctors claim more and more of their patients are asking to remove the unsightly flap of flesh.

Aesthetic doctor, Dr Galyna Selezneva, based at the Dr. Rita Rakus Clinic in Knightsbridgein London said she has seen a rise in these types of ops at her clinic.

She said: As women, we are constantly striving to look better.

To lose weight and get rid of that awkward little pocket of fat which despite spending many hours in the gym, just wont budge, ruining the perfect fit of our clothes.

Dr Galyna claims they use a revolutionary treatment to reduce the issue around the bra area.

SculpSure uses a laser light which passes safely through the skin and heats the underlying fat cells.

This triggers a process called apoptosis and leads tothe bodys natural elimination of fat cells causing the bulge to simply reduce away, she says.

Another process the clinic uses, known as ULTRAcel, uses radio frequency micro-needles.

Its a skin rejuvenation treatment which works on both the face and body by inducing collagen and tightening the skin.

Dr Galyna has also seen an increase in requests for treatments done on body parts such as elbows, knees, ankles and the armpits.

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There's a new cosmetic op women are going wild for and it involves removing their 'bingo boobs' - The Sun

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