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May 12

Sophie Turner Revealed How Her Health Suffered When Told To Lose Weight On Game Of Thrones – Mashed

"Young in age, old in soul" is how ELLE UK describes Sophie Turner in an interview for their June 2022 issue. And indeed, despite what her career and life milestones might indicate, Turner is only 26 years old. Her start on "Game of Thrones" came at the tender, often sensitive age of 15. "At 16, I felt like I was a fully-fledged adult," Turner tells the magazine. But even fully-fledged adults aren't impervious. Per theBBCsome studies suggest that increased stress and anxiety levels, along with feelings of loneliness and depression, may be associated with social media overuse. In fact, part of Turner's current relationship with social media (she's taken Instagram off her phone, and tries to "live real life") came from the negative body issues she developed during her GoT days; days when the mean comments about her weight or skin overshadowed positive ones about her acting and sent her into a shame spiral.

"I have noticed that social media makes me incredibly anxious, and it's something I try to distance myself from," Turner says. She credits therapy, distancing herself from Instagram, and supportive family and friends in the U.K. for her mental health improvements. Also, Turner makes it clear that regular check-ins are vital: "I still have days when I feel depressed or anxious," she says. But, "It's manageable now. I have the tools."

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Sophie Turner Revealed How Her Health Suffered When Told To Lose Weight On Game Of Thrones - Mashed

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