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Apr 8

how to lose weight safely? | Yahoo Answers

That might be a lot to lose, but you have to change your eating habits.

Foods such as popcorn and yogurt both get your digestive system working faster, and you can get packets of popcorn with only 100 calories and no butter at the store. Light yogurt has between 60-100 calories and that works great.

Drink green tea, it's personally not my favorite, but it really gets your metabolism speeding up which burns fat.

Drink a lot of COLD WATER, if it's cold your body burns calories trying to warm it up. If you drink water 15 minutes before a meal, you will for more full and eat less.

Lettuce and celery both have few calories, and they help your digestive system. If you eat salad, just add lowfat dressing. A big salad would make you feel full, a big bowl with lowfat dressing probably only has 100-200 calories.

Eat 5-6 small meals a day. If you want to cut out calories, eat only 1200 a day if you're a girl and 1500 if you're a guy.

1 pound = 3,500 calories.

Start working out, cardio is the best, it burns fat fast and makes you sweat out water weight. You should work out between 30-90 minutes, but no longer because then you'll feel exhausted and lazy, and plus it's just not good for you.

I recommend you split your exercising into increments, because if you worked out for 90 minutes straight your metabolism is only sped up for a few hours, but if you worked out in 3 segments of 30 minutes, then your metabolism will be sped up for 7-9 hours rather than just three.

The more muscle you build, the more calories you burn just laying around the house, watching TV, etc.

Good luck, I hope I helped.

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how to lose weight safely? | Yahoo Answers

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