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Jan 5

Are you hoping to boost your health and mood with a resolution for 2021? – Brighton & Hove Independent

Each year we all make (and often break) our new years resolutions but determination and willpower will see success and getting off to a good start can spur us on to continue making healthier decisions.

Research carried out by the UKs leading weight-loss group, Slimming World, has shown great results on the scales in the first seven days set slimmers up for ultimate and long-term success.

The study into more than one million slimmers shows that the more weight you lose in your first week the more likely youll go on to succeed on your weight-loss journey in the longer term.

The research, which examined one of the largest ever datasets of slimming club members in the UK, found that those who lost more weight in their first seven days of joining a weight-loss group went on to lose more over three months, with the top 50 per cent of slimmers (based on their first weeks weight loss) losing an average of 5lbs within their first week.

These are the key findings from the survey which relates to 1.1 million Slimming World members who first joined group between January and December 2016. The study followed their progress for 12 months through to December 2017.

People who lost five pounds or more in their first week of attending a weight-loss group were four times more likely to lose 10 per cent of their body weight within three months

Almost twice as many men (45 per cent) as women (21 per cent) saw at least 5lbs weight-loss success in their first week

Age is no barrier to successful weight loss with half (52 per cent) of those aged 55 and over losing at least five per cent of their body weight in three months

Almost half (46 per cent) of those with a BMI of 30 and over lost five percent of their body weight by three months. A weight loss of five per cent or more is considered clinically significant and can lead to health benefits, such as improvements in blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Based on their first weeks weight-loss, the top 50 per cent of slimmers lost an average of 5lbs in that first week

Those who attend their weekly slimming club more regularly (at least 75 per cent of sessions) are thought to enjoy the greatest weight-loss success. Slimming World has continued to support slimmers throughout the pandemic via its app and Zoom meetings.

Dr Sarah-Elizabeth Bennett, Slimming Worlds senior research associate, says: Many factors influence whether or not a slimmer achieves their weight-loss goals.

This data shows us that one of the biggest predictors of success is a strong weight loss in the first week as those who lost five pounds or more in their first seven days were four times more likely to go on to lose ten per cent of their body weight within three months.

Significant weight losses are often associated with quick fix diets or restrictive, faddy plans, however we can see from our research that it is possible to see big results on the scales by following a healthy, balanced eating plan.

There are several key factors which influence a good first week an understanding of how to make changes that can work for you, a healthy eating plan thats easy to live with and a realisation youre not alone.

This year, Veganuary, which aims to get people taking part in a month-long plant-based diet, is encouraging those who want to save money on their groceries to take part.

Research suggests that people signing up to try vegan for January can save money on their grocery bill and spend less time cooking.

Findings from a new Kantar study commissioned by Veganuary show that, on average, plant-based meals eaten at home cost 40 per cent less than meat/fish-based meals and take one-third less time to prepare.

Data from Kantar showed vegan households spend eight per cent less per grocery trip, on average, than non-vegan households of a similar size.

Toni Vernelli, Veganuarys head of communications, said: The Covid pandemic has sparked a huge increase in people interested in trying a plant-based diet whether for their health or the health of our planet, but it has also sadly caused economic loss for many. This new study shows that people can protect their health, the planet and their pocket with a plant-based diet.

Alcohol is a part of many of our lives, especially over Christmas and new year. We use it for celebration, for comfort, to socialise, to wind down and to cope. Yet in the UK one person every hour dies as a result of alcohol. In excess, alcohol can cause mental health problems, liver disease, one of seven forms of cancer and economic difficulties.

Reducing our alcohol intake can give our sleep, mood an energy levels a boost which is why Alcohol Change UK runs Dry January every year. Some people use it as an opportunity to raise money for charity.

Tier Four restrictions have seen gyms and leisure centres across Sussex close but a simple You Tube give you a range of free workouts for all abilities. There is nothing to stop you heading outdoors locally for a walk or run. There was a boom in popularity of the NHS Couch to 5K during the first national lockdown, which saw downloads double.

If you are new to exercise, start gradually to avoid over doing it and listen to your body. You are most likely to stick to an activity or sport you enjoy, so prioritise pleasure over performance and remember the importance of rest days as they help your body recover and become stronger.

Start as you mean to go on with a thorough warm up targeting all the major joints and try a variety of different exercises, from a brisk walk one day, to yoga the next day. Not only will this help to share the load across your joints and muscles, it will also keep you engaged and interested for longer. Making sure the activity doesnt become a chore is key to fitness success.

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Are you hoping to boost your health and mood with a resolution for 2021? - Brighton & Hove Independent

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