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May 27

10 Best Ways To Lose Weight and Stay Fit – UrbanMatter

Before rushing toward the best ways to lose weight you must first ask yourself Why should I lose weight?

According to medical science, a person should have a defined body mass index, which means that their body weight must be according to height and age.

A person whose body mass index is greater than the normal range tends to develop heart diseases, joint pain, diabetes, and cholesterol problems and is prone to undergo stroke.

Staying healthy and fit is important in every phase of life. This habit makes you feel younger and active.

You would have seen many tips regarding rapid weight loss, but beware most of them have no reference to actual medical science. No worries, we are here to share the 10 best ways to lose weight and stay fit.

1. Balance your Calories:

A steady weight loss must be 1 to 2 pounds weekly which is recommended as the most effective weight loss management for the long term.

The first and foremost step to losing weight is to keep your diet balanced. Here a question must have arisen in your mind: how can we balance our diet, and here comes the answer: keep track of your calories with the TDEE Calculator. Calories play an important part in losing weight.

2. Eliminating Carbs:

Food containing refined carbs has high calories, so cutting them from the diet will help a lot. Carbs are the basic source of energy for the human body, eliminating or reducing them from the diet will help to burn stored fats.

Eliminating carbs from your diet completely at the beginning of weight loss is not a good idea, this process will make you feel more hungry and you can end up eating more.

3. Exercise is the key:

Mobility is always good for the body. Staying active helps your body to work and function more appropriately. You can work out by starting simple exercises at home or you can go to the gym for a workout.

Some people lack the motivation to work out. There can be many reasons for it. The most common problem is the lack of motivation and energy. Use of Best Pre-Workout Supplements can boost your energy level and help you make your workout efficient.

4. Increase High fiber foods:

Fruits, vegetables, oats, whole grain bread, and lentils usually are high in fibers. Eating fiber-rich food makes you feel full most of the time. Fiber-rich food reduces cholesterol, is easily digested, promotes blood sugar control, and reduces risks of digestive tract cancers.

5. Drink Plenty of Water:

Water is essential for humans to survive, but it also is good for weight loss. Drinking plenty of water increases metabolic rate and helps you burn more calories.

6. Breakfast important meal of the day:

Keep in mind that breakfast is the most important meal of your whole day. Eating a healthy protein-rich diet including egg(without yolk), fruits, and a less sugary diet is the best way to plan a healthy and good breakfast. Studies have shown that those who eat breakfast have lower BMI than those who skip their breakfast.

7. Engage in some outdoor activities:

There are many outdoor activities to lose weight. You can play soccer, football or do yoga. Swimming is also a good option to lose weight. Another activity includes bike riding. Riding a bike regularly will have a good effect on your health, it will burn unnecessary fats. But, most importantly, what size of bike you should use. There is a Bike size chart to get the perfect size of bike for you.

8. Drinking detoxifying water:

Adding lemon, ginger, mint leaves, or slices of cucumber to the water makes it detoxifying fluid. Drinking it will make your metabolism rate faster and you will lose more weight.

9. Go for a Walk:

An early morning walk has the best impact on physical and mental health. To be physically healthy first you need to have a healthy mind. Walking along with your pet or a friend on a beautiful track will give your mind some fresh air and a good amount of oxygen. Do not forget to take your detoxifying water to your walk. This will keep your tummy full and you will not crave high calories food.

10. Positive mind makes a healthy lifestyle:

Thinking positive is the key to a healthy and peaceful mind. Positive thoughts create a healthy aura around your body. It makes you feel better and healthy.

Try out these tips for losing weight and staying healthy. Keep your mind and body fresh.

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