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Jun 19

Here’s What Happened When This Guy Quit Sugar for a Week – Men’s Health

In a recent video on his channel, YouTuber and musician Randolph shares his experience of cutting out all added sugar from his diet. This includes giving up soda, which he describes as "liquid sugar" and the source of most of the sugar he consumes each day.

At the start of the week he admits to weighing probably the most he has ever been at 309 pounds. "Honestly, it's so disappointing," he says. "When I got married, I was 227 pounds and I was really happy with that, I just couldn't sustain it."

Randolph begins by ordering the same thing from Chipotle for lunch for the first couple of days before deciding to make his own burritos at home. "Eating the same food every single day is a very easy way to stop you doing a certain diet," he says. "[But] what I was finding is that because I was trying to not eat sugar, I was just not eating as much. And I don't think that's a smart thing to do."

Some challenges arise later in the week when Randolph has to go on a trip for work, and he fully anticipates giving in to the lure of fast food, but he succeeds in staying consistent. "Usually when I'm dieting and trying to eat better, it all goes out the window when I travel," he says. "You don't have as much time, you don't have the luxury to check food. But I'm happy to say, I did actually do very well."

Ultimately, he ends up losing up to a pound and a half each day for the first several days of the challenge, and weighs in at 306 pounds at the end of the week. Encouraged by this initial weight loss, Randolph says he believes he could quite happily continue with this low-sugar diet.

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Here's What Happened When This Guy Quit Sugar for a Week - Men's Health

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