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May 27

Heres how you can vacation with friends without cheating on your diet – PINKVILLA

It can be quite difficult for a lot of people to stick to a stringent diet and exercise routine. While some vow to begin every Monday, others banish every food delivery application from their phones to beat the temptation of eating out. If you have succeeded in eating clean and swear by a diet devoid of processed foods, then you may be right to fear what a lovely weekend away with your pals could do to your diet.

But theres no reason why you cant treat yourself with a dreamy vacation without risking diverting from your diet. Use this guide to have a guilt-free vacation where you make healthy food choices.

Whether youre staying at a fancy hotel or a rustic bed and breakfast place, one meal staple that youd always find on the menu is cereal and oatmeal. They would probably serve porridge, oats or cornflakes and skimmed milk along with the other foods on the menu. So, if youre afraid of jeopardizing your diet, simply binge on nuts and berries as a garnish for your bowl of oatmeal and milk. It should help to stick to your diet.

Fight the temptation to choose a sugary dessert like a pavlova, meringue or caramel custard for the empty calories are simply not worth it. Instead, order seasonal fruit off the menu. You can choose from mangoes, peaches, pears and watermelon or evergreen options like apples and oranges. Choosing seasonal fruit for your dessert lets you load up on antioxidants and even brings your body new nutrients that your diet back home may have been devoid of.

Since youre on vacation, it is likely that you would have a rare lunch or dinner that is loaded with exotic food or carbs. While this is unavoidable, you must not berate yourself. Simply opt to balance the food intake with a healthy dose of outdoor activities on your holiday. For instance, rather than visiting a museum or spending the day watching a movie, head out for a trek up a local hill or go for a swim at the lake yonder.

You can also include adventure sports and go rock climbing, scuba diving or even play a game of tennis to bond with your friends on the vacation. Such activities will ensure you dont return from your vacation with any additional holiday weight!

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Heres how you can vacation with friends without cheating on your diet - PINKVILLA

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