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Mar 12

Weight loss: Follow these 5 Ayurvedic practices to lose weight in a healthy manner – Zoom TV

Follow these five Ayurvedic practices that not only encourage you to lose weight by eating healthy but also exercising your body and boosting its fitness levels.

Updated Mar 9, 2023 | 10:05 PM IST

Ayurvedic weight loss practices. Pic Credit: Pexels

In today's day and age, people resort to various health fads, diets, and even lifestyle choices to shed some weight as quickly as possible. More than often, this is being practised without taking into consideration, the risk and side effects of following a certain diet.

This can sometimes lead to serious health complications at the cost of looking slim and 'fit'. It is always important to have a sense of structure, discipline, and patience in abundance when it comes to losing weight since it takes months, and even years to reach your desired fitness goals.

In order to lose weight in a healthy manner, it is essential to have a balanced, healthy diet followed by a rigorous and frequent exercise routine in order to engage your body and keep it healthy.

With that being said, here are 5 Ayurvedic remedies, as suggested by Dr Deshmukh to lose weight in a healthy manner.

Have a hearty lunch

The Ayurvedic expert suggests having a heavy lunch that includes protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Having foods such as salads, dal, rice, and curry with a touch of ghee or curd will help allow the body to take some time in digesting the nutrients, which will enable you to consume fewer calories at night.

Have home-cooked meals

Foods ordered from outside are tasty but they are unhealthy to a great extent since they contain huge amounts of fats and carbohydrates. Instead, switch to simple meals cooked at home made with vegetables, lentils, and whole grains are not only healthy and fused with various nutrients but also provide the body with fuel needed to perform the day's functions with ease.

Do yoga or walk after a meal

Try to perform yoga or walk outside for 15 minutes after a meal since an intense activity is required along with a healthy diet to lose weight.

Drink warm water every day

Warm water has the ability to break down fats into molecules which then makes it easy for the digestive system to burn. It is therefore advised to drink at least 2-3 litres of warm water every day to boost metabolism and consuming it half an hour before a meal will help control your appetite as well.

Include Ayurvedic remedies

There are various natural remedies that aid in weight loss and keeping the body healthy. One can consume roasted fenugreek seeds along with a glass of warm water or even have Triphala to drain the body of toxic chemicals and impurities while boosting its metabolism.

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Weight loss: Follow these 5 Ayurvedic practices to lose weight in a healthy manner - Zoom TV

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