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Apr 29

Walking Helped Me Lose Weight and Cope With My Disabilities – Prevention Magazine

As a young woman who grew up as a special needs child, walking has helped me to overcome obstacles that have held me back over the years and become a more positive, healthy person.

Now that I walk, Ive been able to meet other people who enjoy walking, and make friends. Walking has given me a lot to talk about, helping me interact with different peoplewhich is something that has always been difficult for me.

This journey started for me after graduating high school, when I realized I had gained some weight and decided that I wanted to get in better shape. I started walking for 30 minutes, three days a week and then began running for 30 minutes on the days I didnt walk. I began to realize that I just dont feel right if I skip on a walk or run. I feel the difference each and every day in my physical and mental health.

Every day I am able to wake up in the morning and say I can do this

I started using the Charge app in 2019, and it helps me stay consistent. I noticed a difference with Charge in my motivation levelI have walked and run every day except Sundays since I started using Charge. It has helped me immensely in establishing an exercise routine that works great for me.

On a typical day I wake up in the morning and begin my day with exercising and a walk. On colder days I will exercise indoors, and on warmer days I enjoy walking outside with family and friends. After I finish my walk I eat breakfast or have a protein shake. This routine helps me to have something to look forward to: Every day I am able to wake up in the morning and say I can do this, which really keeps me going. Walking helps me to not worry so much, be more goal oriented, and happy.

Now, I am better able to interact with others, stay alert, and actively continue to learn. I am now able to assist my parents, because I have the strength, vitality, and motivation to do housework and other tasks. I can now help my brothers and sisters with their children, and I dogsit sometimes, too. I am able to do all of these things because walking helps me stay healthy and strong.

I feel good about myself. Walking, running, and the Charge app have all helped me overcome many of the challenges that I faced throughout my life dealing with certain learning disabilities. I am more social now, and better at talking with and relating to others. The best part is that now my family always tells me how positive I am and how it helps them too.

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Walking Helped Me Lose Weight and Cope With My Disabilities - Prevention Magazine

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