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Nov 24

The One Hot Drink You Should Have Every Morning To Lose Weight By The Holidays, According To Experts: Green Tea – SheFinds

Green tea is full of health benefits, particularly for those looking to drop a few pounds in time for the holidays.

Plus, this drink is easy to incorporate into your regular morning routine; it takes only a couple of minutes to make and it contains caffeine, which can help you feel more awake in the morning. Coupled with its metabolism-boosting benefits, green tea is one hot drink experts swear by to kickstart fat loss.

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Dr. Josh Axe, founder ofAncient, explains, "Green tea is a healthy addition to your diet since its consumption has been considered a natural metabolism booster for centuries thanks to special antioxidant compounds."

He adds, "Green tea isnt just beneficial due to its antioxidant content; its also been shown to be a natural fat burning beverage, in part due to its caffeine. Sipping on a cup ofmatcha green teais not only soothing; drinking it regularly may help to reduce body fat and lower cholesterol levels."


It can also be a good idea to brew yourself a cup of green tea after a morning workout.

Dr. Axe explains, "Plus, it helps your body repair more quickly after high-intensity workouts."


Larabeth Guthrie, a natural wellness expert, certified herbal consultant, and PhD candidate in natural medicine, also mentions the importance in picking out a sweetener that will not detract from the tea's health benefits.

She explains, "Picking a sweetenerthat is natural and supportive of your body is important.Steviahas been studied for its potential to increase insulin sensitivity. Increased insulin sensitivity may help make it easier to lose weight."


Although stevia might be the most popular natural sweetener, it's not the only one on the market, which is good because its flavor can depend on the brand.

Guthrie also recommends monk fruit as a healthy alternative.

Adding a bit of honey could also help sweeten the tea.

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The One Hot Drink You Should Have Every Morning To Lose Weight By The Holidays, According To Experts: Green Tea - SheFinds

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