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Feb 14

The egg diet for weight loss: Know more about the benefits, risks and sustainability of the low-calorie diet – Times Now

The egg diet for weight loss: Know more about the benefits, risks and sustainability of the low-calorie diet  |  Photo Credit: iStock Images

New Delhi: Weight loss requires you to follow a disciplined, and healthy diet to help your body shed the extra kilos it does not need. Given obesity or being overweight is linked with so many health disorders such as high risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer, and even COVID-19, it is imperative to make efforts to reach and maintain a healthy Body Mass Index which is the weight to height ratio.

However, as people have adopted to healthier lifestyles and measures to lose weight, a new industry of weight loss products, diets, and tips has come up. While some of these are healthy, others are subjective, and some are outrightly bizarre, unsustainable, and unhealthy fad diets. A diet that has recently become very popular for weight loss is the Egg Diet. Let us find out which of the above categories does the Egg diet fall into.

The egg diet is a low carb, low calorie but high-protein diet. According to SimrunChopra, Deep Health Coach and Founder, Nourish with Sim, The egg diet promises abnormally fast weight loss benefits. It claims to avoid losing muscle mass. This is just another fad diet.

The egg diet plan does not seem to be a sustainable weight loss plan. Accoridng to Ms Chopra, The whole plan is unsustainable. Imagine eating only eggs or loads of eggs with little or no variation in your diet, for the rest of your life. Dont forget all the down-sides of eating too many eggs. Flatulence, fatigue and a bad mood are likely to accompany such a diet if sustained for too long.

There is no doubt that if you can sustain the plan, you are likely to lose weight because the diet will help you create a calorie deficit. However, you may not be able to maintain the lost weight, only coming back to square one, very soon. While you will lose weight, your body will most likely rebound in very little time, post completion of the diet. I have come across various variants of the egg diet. Egg-only fasts, sometimes adding a fruit or vegetable or even cheese, Ms Chopra added.

While a diet that comprises only of eggs may not be the ideal way for weight loss, one cannot deny that eggs are a super-food, and very helpful in weight loss if consumed correctly. Ms Simrun also agrees and says, Having said all of the above, it is true that the egg is a super-food. Not only that, they are affordable and very versatile, being used in any number of ways. However, focusing on just one food item is never a good idea. I believe these kinds of mono-diets do more damage than good.

While eggs are a super source of healthy fats, have around 6 grams of protein, contains Vitamin A, B12 and D, is a source of choline (for the brain), selenium and riboflavin and has more than its fair share of antioxidants, you cannot live on eggs alone. Your body is a complex structure that has a variety of needs. Needs that can only be met with the proper consumption of nutritious foods.

So, while the egg is a very healthy food, the egg diet is not a healthy, balanced diet. Diets that are so restrictive, this low-calorie and focused on one food only are never successful over the long term. Another aspect to consider when looking at the egg diet is the inherent dietary cholesterol in an egg. Each egg is estimated to have 184 mg of cholesterol. Eggs have also been flagged for its saturated fat content. While these factors do not make it something to be avoided, it is best to consume eggs in moderation, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

It is recommended that you never consider diets that are restrictive. This makes the plan an inefficient and unsustainable one. Always choose a diet plan that includes and encourages consumption of healthy foods like lean proteins, eggs, fruits and vegetables and high fibre foods like whole grains and beans. Because eggs have absolutely zero fibre, this will cause problems like constipation. All of the above, when eaten in moderation, as per a sustainable diet plan will give you all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed by the body to function properly.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

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The egg diet for weight loss: Know more about the benefits, risks and sustainability of the low-calorie diet - Times Now

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