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Nov 20

Reasons you are not losing weight and how to fix them – TheHealthSite

The concept of a perfect body, although fictitiously set by societal standards, is one that many aspire to understand, achieve, and maintain. Whenever we think of a perfect body to flaunt at the upcoming cousins wedding or a summer beach vacation, we often tend to focus on our body weight and muscle mass.

Watch this video by Sipping Thoughts to hear renowned dietician and nutritionist, Dr. Tina Sapra, talk about why losing weight can be a task, what is water weight, how to choose the right diet, and how to eat the right food, at the right time and in the right quantity.

Dr. Sapra picks up questions that many of you might have thought of but never got your answers.

You might have wondered how your friend could lose weight with half an hour of walking. Whereas, you might take longer durations of walks in addition to some cardio exercises. You may have even tried power yoga yet you lose the same amount of weight as her even after all the extra efforts that you put in.

This is because every individual possesses a different metabolism. The Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the rate of energy expenditure per unit of time. It depends entirely on factors like your age, gender, height, and the kind of activities you do.

While your friend may have a fast metabolic rate, you might need to increase yours to burn as many calories as her in the same amount of time.

The diet plays a role of equal importance, if not more, to improve your metabolic rate. You may have heard your friends going on crash diets or keto diets. Although these diet plans are effective in weight loss, they are not the best. You would be surprised to know that you may not need to change what you eat at all! In fact, it is advisable to stay as close to your lifestyle as you can. All your favorite aloo parantha breakfasts and spicy red sauce pasta can still be a part of your life. All you need to do is one simple trick- ration your intake by controlling your portion sizes.

Find out what you need to do or maybe doing wrong. You will reach your destination soon!

Published: November 20, 2020 7:52 pm

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Reasons you are not losing weight and how to fix them - TheHealthSite

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