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Jun 8

Omelette or bread to lose weight: discover what makes you fatter and which is the best option for you Explica .co – Explica

Betting on corn tortillas and whole grain bread is key to losing weight: they are rich in fiber and essential nutrients, which benefit digestion and have anti-inflammatory properties.

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There is no doubt that in recent months in the field of nutrition and healthy eating, the consumption of adequate carbohydrate sources It has become an issue of great relevance for general health and especially with optimal weight loss. Although we have listened to exhaustion about the differences between simple and complex carbohydrates, every day more people are interested in following a balanced diet that allows them lose weight effectively and without rebound effect. In a way, today, we are increasingly clear about the devastating consequences of consuming ultra-processed carbohydrates; it is no novelty to say that they are the most lethal enemy for body weight and health They are associated with a high risk of chronic diseases! However, speaking in a more everyday way, it is often difficult to choose the best basic carbohydrate alternative, as is very common with bread and tortillas.

Focused on their effects on health in general we can say that they are somewhat similar products, however much will depend on the type of omelette and bread. Finally, like bread, tortillas are made from a grain, either wheat or corn, so some nutrients are similar The main differences? Its caloric value, which differs according to size, thickness and fat content.

For more context: A one-ounce slice of bread typically contains 75 to 100 calories. While corn tortillas, the traditional option for tacos and enchiladas, generally for every two standard-size pieces they will provide approximately 100 calories. It is worth mentioning that flour tortillas are a little higher in calories because contain added fat to make them softer and easier to roll. A piece of flour tortilla generally contributes 90 to 100 calories, however they are not usually the most recommended alternative to lose weight since they contain fat. In addition, normally when used to prepare dishes such as burritos, fajitas and chimichangas, much larger and thicker pieces are used than the standard measure: a 12-inch flour tortilla can contain almost 300 calories with more carbohydrates than three slices of bread.

Beyond the calories, the nutritional value is the most relevant aspect and is directly related to the ingredients that are used both in the preparation of the tortillas and in the type of bread. That is, if they were made with the use of whole grains and healthy fats, they are perfectly healthy. That is why nutritionists recommend betting on the consumption of corn tortillas and whole wheat bread, avoiding the white and refined versions.

In such a way that betting on the healthy variants of any version of omelette and bread is the secret to integrating these sources of carbohydrates in a safe and healthy way under the framework of a balanced diet. a good option to consume them according to the dish and intersperse them throughout the week.

Among the most determining aspects about corn tortillas, we can say that They do not contain saturated fat or trans fat. They are also valued for their content in essential minerals and micronutrients: phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, calcium and potassium. They are considered a good ally to increase the consumption of calcium in the diet, in such a way that they benefit growth in young children and are perfect for protecting bone health and preventing osteoporosis. They benefit daily caloric intake, are very satiating and are a good gluten-free carbohydrate alternative. Whats more shine for their anti-inflammatory properties and that is why they are a very noble food for those who are prone to bloating and those who suffer from various digestive conditions such as colitis and irritable bowel syndrome. And of course they are a good nutritional supplement for weight loss, largely due to its high fiber content, which benefits digestive, intestinal and cardiovascular health.

For his part, despite the fact that today many proponents of the most popular modern diets, such as ketogenic and paleo, claim that eating cereals is bad for your health. There are numerous scientific references that endorse the benefits of following a diet rich in whole grainsIn fact, eating whole grain bread is associated with several benefits, including a lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Quite the opposite of the devastating consequences of a high intake of refined grains, which are normally accompanied by obesity, inflammation and cardiovascular conditions.

Whole wheat bread has the immense virtue of providing the nutritional benefits of whole grains. It is characterized by its high content of fiber, vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants and plant compounds, which benefit health in many ways. Its consumption is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, obesity, diabetes, cancer, benefits the digestive process and reduces inflammation.

We can conclude that both bread and tortillas are an important part of a healthy diet, as long as they are consumed with caution. Above all, it is vital to bet on the whole grain versions that are rich in fiber, which provide a much more complete package of nutrients and plant compounds that protect health and are essential in weight loss. Finally, everything is about balance, moderation and the quality of the food we consume, which makes perfect sense with the current nutrition trend and invites us to eat naturally and consciously.

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Omelette or bread to lose weight: discover what makes you fatter and which is the best option for you Explica .co - Explica

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