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Jun 8

Oats, Bananas, And Other Foods To Eat That Will Help in Weight Loss And Boost Metabolism –

Metabolism is referred to as the process by which our body converts the food we eat into energy, which is required to perform everyday functions. A higher metabolic rate means a person has the ability to lose weight faster. However, a slower one can work against the body and make it harder to get fitter. One of the simplest ways to speed up metabolism is by engaging in any kind of physical activity. Performing intense exercises helps to burn more calories and get rid of unwanted body fat. But there is another way to accelerate the calorie-burning process and that is by eating the right kind of foods. Also Read - Can Paratha Help You Lose Weight? Here's The Truth

Rohit Shelatkar, VP at Vitabiotics, fitness and nutrition expert shares a list of superfoods that help speed up metabolism: Also Read - Weight Loss Tips For Chaat Lovers: Kinds of Chaats You Can Eat While Trying to Shed Kilos

Oats for weight loss

Oats are an incredibly healthy whole grain, providing several vitamins and minerals along with being rich in fat-soluble fiber making them great breakfast food. Oats require a lot of calories to breakdown hence helping in jump-starting your metabolism as well as decreasing cholesterol levels Also Read - 5 Effective Workout Beneficial For Immunity and Weight Loss

Eggs for weight loss and metabolism

Eggs are the superfoods that contain all the essential amino acids needed and in the right proportions as well. They are a great addition to your breakfast as they help in feeling full, reduce hunger, and the desire to have two breakfasts a day. Eggs also help in stabilizing your blood glucose and insulin levels. Additionally, they also have high levels of lecithin a substance with a positive outcome on heart health.

Yogurt (File photo)

Yogurt is rich in calcium and protein and is an anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting superfood. Yogurt contains probiotics which are essential for gut health. Probiotics are good bacteria that balance the gut and digestive tract health and help in increasing metabolism. Thus consuming yogurt for breakfast or during lunch will give you the required energy and help in building lean muscles.

Oats, Bananas, And Other Foods To Eat That Will Help in Weight Loss And Boost Metabolism

The high protein content in nuts can help boost metabolism by making the body burn fat faster in order to digest them. Theyre also a low-glycemic food, which means eating them can keep blood sugar stable. While small in size, nuts must be eaten in moderation due to their rich caloric value.


The common misconception around bananas is that they aid weight gain, however, that is completely false. Bananas contain about 100 calories and low sugar intake as well. Bananas are high in resistant starch a healthy carb that helps in keeping you full as well as boosts your metabolism. As they have a high content of potassium, bananas help in regulating the transfer of nutrients into cells thus boosting your metabolism.

Oats, Bananas, And Other Foods To Eat That Will Help in Weight Loss And Boost Metabolism -

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