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Aug 5

Its Not Your Fault That Youre Overweight, the book that changes the weight loss game – ABC 4

Derek Muse, author of Satietopathy: Its Not Your Fault That Youre Overweight, was in studio today to tell us about his self-published book available on Amazon this month.

A board-certified obesity medicine specialist, Derek has practiced obesity medicine for thirty years, but chose to become certified in obesity medicine fifteen years ago to learn more about helping his patients to lose weight. He became a fellow of the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA) about five years ago as he increased his involvement in the OMA.

Struggling with weight gain his whole life, Derek remembers wondering to himself why he could eat so much more than everyone else in his family as a teenager.

He has practiced obesity medicine for the last three decades, and little by little he has pieced together why so many of us struggle with weight. In his book, Derek explains the science behind our struggle.Armed with that knowledge, he teaches dieters what works best to lose weigh,t and keep it off.

Using the techniques explained in his book, Derek provides the dieters in his clinic with the ability to lose three times more weight than the average person would lose on any other diet they might try! Using those same techniques, he is able to increase the chance that they wont gain back the weight they have lost by ninety percent.

Thousands of Dereks patients have lost 30, 50, 100 and even 200 pounds in his clinic! The most common thing they say after losing that much weight is that they have gotten their lives back, and that they feel so much younger and more active.

Humans stop eating at the end of a meal because of three satiety signals. When one of more of those satiety signals are missing, a person doesnt feel full right at the moment that they have eaten enough to satisfy their calorie needs for the day. This leads the person to keep eating and the body has no choice but to store the extra calories as fat. In the book, Derek helps patients to understand which of the satiety signals they are missing.

See the rest here:
Its Not Your Fault That Youre Overweight, the book that changes the weight loss game - ABC 4

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