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Mar 22

His story/Her story: My husband doesn’t want me to lose weight – Times of India

Her Story: I am a little plump and I dont like what I see in the mirror. Every time I try to follow an extreme diet or join a fitness class, my husband gets really agitated. I have seen how he adoringly looks at women who dress up well and wear shorts or tank tops. That makes me feel even more insecure about my body. But he makes it a big issue when I try to follow a specific diet or book up for workout classes; he argues that he does not want me to lose weight and that he does not care whether I fit in those dresses and shorts or not. I dont know how to make him understand my point.His Story: My wife is beautiful and I love the way she is. She has become way too conscious about her weight but she is obsessed with becoming wafer thin just to wear some dresses and crop tops. Yet, she has developed a huge complex and we fight over this a lot. How do I explain it to her that I dont and neither should she care about her body shape?Expert advice by Jigyasa Uniyal, Love coach: You shouldn't be worried if your husband is accepting you the way you are. This shows that he is your soulmate in a true sense. You should lose weight to be healthier and not to look more appealing to people around you. The ones who truly love you and care for you will accept you irrespective of your dress size. To lose weight you should do exercises and diets under the supervision of the experts. Going for random diets and exercises might have certain repercussions later on. Live each day of your life to the fullest.Expert advice by Vidushii Luthra, Spiritual Teacher and Relationship Coach: His view is excellent for he is comfortable with the woman he has and is not married to some ideal image. What is natural is best and I feel the wife should rejoice and feel her femininity even more. She should breathe easy and go soft on herself and leave the strict diets. Stay fit and healthy but dont equate your body with your femininity and beauty for the body is superficial. Shine and dazzle in your own individuality and stay rooted in your heart. Work on your energy and reconnect with your feminine strength that is far more potent than a slender physique. Yet, go ahead if getting slim is motivating you in some ways in your own development but if this is for your man, Id tell you something interesting, You are dwelling in Mars and he seems to be in Venus.Read also: Life lessons to take from Vidya Balan, Shefali Shah-starrer JalsaRead also: Rubbing male organ even over underpants is RAPE: High Court judgement

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His story/Her story: My husband doesn't want me to lose weight - Times of India

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