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Dec 23

Doctors Say People Who Start Doing This Now Will Lose Weight Faster In The New Year – SheFinds

One of the biggest misconceptions about New Years resolutions is that theyre one size fits all. While some people *are* motivated by a goal (and thus, are perfect candidates for a January refresh), others may actually be worse off by being forced to follow rulesespecially during this time of year.

Some people dont do well with rules and most people dont do well with rules around the holidays. Dr. Amy Lee, board certified doctor in internal medicine, medical nutrition and obesity medicine and partner of Nucific, explains.

After years of the pandemic, there is a build up of excitement to reconnect again, aka enjoy alcohol or parties foods with friends, she explains. Some people feel entitled to eat, drink and be merry this holiday seasonand for those people, the best thing to do is just that and not start your New Years resolutions early.

People may actually rebel against rules that are placed upon them (even by themselves). These people and are more likely to cheat or overeat after them, she warns. For those who dont do well with restrictions, go ahead and just start after the holidays.

For others, however, especially those are tired of being tired, the best thing they can do is start your healthy eating plan now. Dr. Lee recommends starting to make changes now so you dont shock yourself with an additional 10 lb. weight gain, over the holiday season.

Additionally, when we gain weight, we can potentially re-inflate or expand our fat cells, which can cause us to crave for more foods in the future, she warns. Knowing that, you may want to just be mindful about your eating habits now.

The truth is that we are all driven by different motivating factors, and as with *anything* in life, its best to decide whats best for younot some cookie cutter concept of a resolution that starts on January 1st. Here are Dr. Lees additional tips for hitting your weight loss goals this year.

If one of your New Years resolutions is related to weight management, then practicing early vs later will prevent you from going down that rabbit trail in eating (or drinking) whatever that come at you. I think we have this sense of entitlement as if we lost all these days of socializing with friends and familywhich may cause us to be more liberal in our actions, Dr. Lee explains.

Conversely, if we start thinking being the better version of ourselves, we may just enter into the new year with better and more positive outlook. We may even feel more energy and motivated to continue losing weight into the new year,aka, well get a major leg up.

Dr. Lee suggests looking at your typical daily intake and trying to understand what items contain refined sugar or simple carbs that can be minimized.

Most common foods that I tell people to take into reconsideration are: soda, fruit juice from concentrate, instant oatmeal, and white bread. These foods contain little nutritional value.

If you look around your kitchen counters and see gifts of cheese, crackers, cookies, holiday candies and bottles of wineyoure not alone. Many of us have tons of empty calories sitting around because people have given them to us as fist. But guess whatyou dont have to eat them all yourself, Dr. Lee says! I oftentimes would bring them to work with me and share it with my staff and everyone appreciates it.

I am always a true believer of eating consistently and eating well all the time, Dr. Lee emphasizes. Accept the fact that there are a lot of cheap foods that are packed of calories, salt and preservatives, and choose to nourish the body with good lean proteins, good fatty acids and fruits and vegetables with good minerals and vitamins. Because your body deserves it!

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Doctors Say People Who Start Doing This Now Will Lose Weight Faster In The New Year - SheFinds

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