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Oct 30

Do you want to lose weight this lockdown? – Galway Advertiser

Do you want to use lockdown to your advantage? Never has it been more important to be fit and healthy. Never has there been a better time to address your weight.

System 10 is a total plan of normal food, exercise, superb information and motivation, and twice weekly weigh-ins, plus weekly private phone consultation. System 10 scientifically combines food and exercise to fix your metabolism for amazing weight loss and toning. You also get great energy, better sleep, and other health benefits - all connected to metabolism problems.

System 10 calculates the right food level to fit with your key metabolism factors (age, height, weight, routine, activity level, fitness ) meaning your plan suits your exact weight loss needs at this point in time.

Your lockdown plan includes:

Food plans: Structured food plans that tell you what to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks (but with flexibility and built-in choices ), normal everyday food, no shakes or bars.

A flexible exercise plan: Your exercise plan can be done from home. System 10 caters for all types of fitness levels, from beginners to advanced, including those with mobility issues.

Food/drinks allowance: Daily treat allowance included plus one social night per week with a built-in alcohol allowance (if you drink alcohol ).

A better metabolism: Enjoy better sleep, better hormone balance, better mood, and better weight loss results by fixing your metabolism.

Support: Your food and exercise plans are delivered straight to your email inbox. You have two weekly weigh-ins and a weekly private phone consultation with your own private weight loss consultant who will support and motivate you to reach your weight loss goals.

Contact Grace at 087 1727882 for more information and to achieve your weight loss goals from the safety of your home.

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Do you want to lose weight this lockdown? - Galway Advertiser

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