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Nov 24

Checklist for checking the correctness of weight loss from a nutritionist: top 12 points – The Saxon

The nutritionist suggested checking the correctness of the weight loss algorithm


Often those who lose weight sincerely believe that they are doing everything right, but the result does not come and enthusiasm is replaced by disappointment. It is worth revising your habits and identifying where the failure occurs, and a checklist from nutritionist Albina Komissarova, which she shared on Instagram, will help in this.

The nutritionist has compiled a list of healthy habits so that everyone can check if they are doing everything right in the process of losing weight. 1. I eat protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and vegetable oils every day 2. I do not exclude lactose and gluten from my product, just to lose weight 3. I do not believe that any dietary supplements will help me lose weight 4. I regularly move, walk, walk, play sports 5. I eat after 6 and have a full dinner

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6. I do not forbid myself certain foods: bananas, potatoes, bread, because I think that from some product you can gain weight 7. I eat carbohydrates whenever I want, without being tied to a time frame 8. I understand that losing weight happens evenly and I'm not looking for a diet for the thighs 9. I mix proteins and carbohydrates in my plate, because I understand that the theory of separate nutrition is unscientific 10. I do not drink large amounts of water to lose weight 11. I do not use any detox or detoxification for myself, because I know that the liver and kidneys are great at this 12. I don't believe in magic foods like brown sugar and pink salt that will help me lose weight

Nutritionist Eva Shishova has published a guide to popular diets.

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Checklist for checking the correctness of weight loss from a nutritionist: top 12 points - The Saxon

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