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Aug 5

Check out these 5 breakfast food for weight loss – PINKVILLA

Starting the day with a nutritious breakfast allows you to get power through and make better decisions. Skipping it and depriving your body of essential nutrients will leave you feeling lethargic, mess up blood sugar levels and even create brain fog. A nutrient-dense breakfast increases concentration, lowers the chances of developing diabetes, manages cholesterol and keeps you chipper.

Starting your day with a perfect breakfast and with good foods will help you to lose weight easily. Eating healthy food can make it easier to curb cravings and stick to your weight loss goals.

But which food will do the trick?

Here a 5 amazing breakfast food for weight loss:

Egg- Eggs are rich in protein and contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. It can also reduce the appetite when you eat eggs with breakfast to give weight loss a serious boost. Eggs are the perfect option to eat for everyone to lose weight. You can eat eggs with sorted veggies or you can have an omelette.

Oatmeal- For breakfast oatmeal is healthy and delicious to eat. They are low in calories but high in fibre and protein which help you in controlling your weight. Due to the presence of low calories in the oats, it will reduce your craving, slow down digestion and make you feel full for longer. In this, you can also add some kiwis and berries which have high vitamins, nutrients, and potassium.

Greek Yogurt and fruits- Yogurt are creamy and delicious which is good for your weight loss diet. Greek yoghurt contains more protein and half of the carbs than normal yoghurt. For some sweetness, you can also add some raspberries or strawberries. Put slices of bananas over the yoghurt to make it more delicious.

Smoothies- Smoothies contain a lot of nutrients that you can have for your breakfast because they contain fruits and dry fruits which help you in reducing your weight. Also, add some Chia seeds to it. Chia seeds are rich in protein which will slow the emptying of your stomach and reduce the levels of ghrelin. For a hearty dose of resistance starch, you can also add green bananas to your smoothie.

Avocado- Speaking of superfoods for breakfast, avocado toast topped with freshly diced tomatoes, onion, salt and pepper is enough to power you through the day. It increases satiety and decreases your want to snack in between your meals. These good fats can lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease and even cancer related unhealthy lifestyles.

About the author: Dr Gauri Anand is a Clinical Nutritionist with a masters degree in food and nutrition. She is working as a diabetic educator, specializing in Diabetes Mellitus.

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Check out these 5 breakfast food for weight loss - PINKVILLA

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