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Jun 19

Bridezilla Demands Her Cousin Lose Weight To Be Her Maid Of Honor, The Cousin Calls Her Out Online – Bored Panda

Most people who are getting married hope that the wedding ceremony they are planning will be their first and last one. That is why they try to make sure that everything is perfect and can become really picky and even rude.

It is understandable that they want to be in control and guests even accept some weird rules they make, but this woman who was asked to be her cousins maid of honor thinks that telling her to lose weight is going too far. Her story went viral on Twitter and sparked quite a debate, as anything to do with wedding rules does.

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Image credits: Agence Tophos (not the actual photo)

Twitter user Ife Nkili has a small Twitter account followed by nearly 2.5k people but that didnt stop one of her posts from going viral, which means it resonated with a lot of people. It now has over 200k likes and 4.5k people joined the conversation in the thread.

In that thread, Ife Nkili shared that her close cousin who she almost considers her sibling just confirmed that she is no longer wanted as the maid of honor unless she loses weight. So the woman decided not to attend the wedding altogether.

Image credits: Zioraife

Image credits: Zioraife

Image credits: Zioraife

Her family wasnt happy about it, but she feels she is just giving back what she received. The family thinks Ife Nkili should still come, but the woman feels that the bride thinks she doesnt look good enough, so why ruin the wedding photos with her presence?

Thankfully, these are just some sarcastic thoughts and not how Ife Nkili actually feels. In the thread, she mentions she has strong self-will and doesnt hate her body, although she does stress over food and if shes gaining weight.

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It seems that her bigger weight is due to genes and she has been bullied for it her whole life by the people who should have been the closest to her. Also, the woman points out that going to the gym is quite expensive and shuts down the comments telling her to try and lose weight by saying that if someone paid for it, she would go.

But the point is not whether she can afford it or not. It is about respecting a family member and a human being and not telling them what to do with their body.

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Image credits: Salvation Army USA West (not the actual photo)

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However, people in the comments had different views. Most of them agreed that it was really rude of the cousin to ask such a thing. If she wants to lose weight, she should do it for herself and not for a cousin or anybody else.

Others felt that it was her cousins wedding so it was her decision what she wanted. There were also people who had the impression that Ife Nkili felt entitled to be her cousins maid of honor and that she wouldnt agree to be just a guest if she didnt have an important role in the wedding.

Some Twitter users saw those comments and actually didnt believe that at all, because if they were called fat, they would pass on the wedding too.

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Being the maid of honor is, as the title says it, an honor. It is a special person the bride trusts the most as she is the one who plans the bridal shower and the bachelorette party, she is the one that the bride turns to for advice on her wedding dress and she holds the brides bouquet on the big day.

Maybe these responsibilities dont seem like a big deal, but they symbolize the close relationship between two women. Ife Nkili really felt that she is close to her cousin, but turns out, she couldnt accept her the way she was and was deprived of the role because her cousin didnt want to change.

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Suzanne Degges-White, PhD, professor and chair of the Counseling and Higher Education department at Northern Illinois University that we, as humans, already very often think that we are never enough and strive for change, most often when comparing ourselves with others.

She writes in an article, Some of us are born to be tall and slender; others are destined to be average and plump or any of a million other variations of the human body in all of its glory. And divergence and variety are okay. And enough. Do not allow others to generate self-doubt you, alone, are the expert on you.

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It must be even more devastating when someone you love points out those insecurities and confirms your inner thoughts and that it is actually such a big deal that you will miss their wedding when you try so hard to convince that people telling you similar words to Suzanne Degges-Whites are right.

But according to A Conscious Rethink, its not worth changing yourself because you want to please someone else: in the long run, changing or trying to change who you are will spell nothing but trouble if the change isnt authentic and natural.

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Image credits: DwellerLake

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Even though most reactions people had were supporting Ife Nkili, some thought she was making a big deal out of what could have been handled in a more simple way. We would love to hear your thoughts on Ife Nkilis situation and what you would have done in her shoes, so leave it in the comments!

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Bridezilla Demands Her Cousin Lose Weight To Be Her Maid Of Honor, The Cousin Calls Her Out Online - Bored Panda

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