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Nov 8

Breaking the Myth: These 3 Drinks will Not Help You Lose Weight – News18

From age-old tips to new-age hacks, a plethora of options are available for people who want to lose weight. The most important thing about weight loss which individuals have to understand is that you cannot lose kilos overnight. A healthy and sustainable weight loss is a result balanced eating habits and regular exercising. The simple tricks on the internet or the generation-old hacks can only support the process. Many people rely on some popular drinks, but does it really work? Can a drink help you to cut fat? This is not true.

In a recent Instagram post, Dr Siddant Bhargava stated that when will people stop looking for quick hacks to lose weight? He said that 3 drinks which are popularly known for their weight loss benefits, are not really beneficial. The only thing that will help you lose weight is being consistent in a calorie deficit, he added.

Apple cider vinegar

In recent years, Apple cider vinegar has become a popular drink for weight loss. ACV has a number of health benefits, including it takes care of heart health and also reducing the risk of diabetes. But when it comes to weight loss, ACV does not actually help. It can only make one feel fuller for longer but it cannot change their body mass index. In fact, consumption of ACV can lead to acidity, digestive issues, and oral health problems. People who are on medications like laxatives and insulin, should avoid consuming ACV.

Green tea

Almost everyone will suggest you to drink green tea for weight loss. A lot of people consume 3-4 cups and even more of it in the hope that it will help to lose weight. It is true that green tea is health in one perfectly brewed cup". But consuming it in the morning, empty stomach, cannot help your weight loss.

Ginger, honey and lemon water

A hot cup of lemon water with ginger and a dash of honey is tasty and soothing. People feel drinking it on an empty stomach can help with weight loss but that is not true. The drink is good for your immunity and keeps you hydrated. Remember that no drink can do no magic when it comes to burning fat.

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Breaking the Myth: These 3 Drinks will Not Help You Lose Weight - News18

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