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Mar 12

2 Breakfast Mistakes Preventing You From Losing Weight – SheFinds

1. Skipping breakfast

While skipping breakfast may seem like a good way to reduce your calorie intake and lose weight faster, Boyer warns that the opposite is actually true; as it turns out, eating a satiating breakfast is a crucial part of sustainable weight loss."Make sure to eat breakfast after waking up," he says. "Skipping breakfast can lead to blood sugar spikes and hormonal imbalances that can cause bloating and inflammation."

Of course, it's important to choose a healthy breakfast. As far as the best foods to eat, he recommends "opting for a whole grain-rich breakfast with protein and fiber to keep you feeling full longer and prevent cravings later in the day." You should also be sugar to stay away from sugary, refined carbs. We'll get into that below.

While eating breakfast is an essential part of your overall health, the food you choose to eat first thing in the morning can make or break your weight loss efforts. Hunnes says that, especially if you're trying to slim down, it's important to avoid too much sugar and refined carbs. These can come in the form of pastries, cereal, bagels, and more. If you reach for these foods first thing in the morning, you'll be setting yourself up for blood sugar spikes, crashes, cravings, and overeating later in the day. Ultimately, all of this can throw a wrench in your weight loss efforts.

"The least healthy type of carbohydrates to eat are ultra-processed carbohydrates that are frequently found in packaged foods such as pastries like Pop-Tarts, energy bars, and pastries," Hunnes says, explaining that they "provide no nutritional benefit" and are "often devoid of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds," which frequently leads to "insulin spikes, increases in IGF-1, an inflammatory marker, and increases risk for chronic diseases and deposition (fat storage)." Say it ain't so!

If you want to start your day with a bit of sweetness, there are several healthy options that won't put your weight loss goals at risk. Hunnes recommends some fruit or naturally sweetened oatmeal, both of which can provide a good amount of fiber in order to reduce inflammation and promote weight loss. Noted!

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2 Breakfast Mistakes Preventing You From Losing Weight - SheFinds

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