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Jul 13

When Vidya Balan revealed she was labelled as someone who brought ‘bad luck’ to the South film industry – PINKVILLA

This year, Vidya Balan will be returning to charm us as Shakuntala Devi in her upcoming film, but did you know she was once labelled as 'jinxed'.

Vidya Balan is one of the finest actors in Bollywood. Over the years, the actress has given some blockbuster hits and slipped in and out of characters with much ease. In her long career, Vidya Balan has also treated her fans with not just specific roles and characters, but gone a step further and even made risky as well as bold choices. From keeping us on the edge of the seat in Kahaani to her jaw-dropping performance in The Dirty Picture, Vidya Balan's last outing at the box office was the blockbuster hit Mission Mangal.

This year, Vidya will be returning to charm us as Shakuntala Devi with a film of the same name. In the biopic drama, Vidya will be essaying the role of Shakuntala Devi, popularly known as the 'human computer'. The first look of the film has intrigued many fans. The film will also star Jisshu Sengupta, Sanya Malhotra and Amit Sadh. Give the coronavirus crisis, the film will not be releasing in theatres but instead will make its way to a streaming platform. While we cannot wait to see Vidya take on a new avatar yet again, we must realise that the actress did not always have it easy.

Turns out, the actress did not have anything going for her when she first started out in the South Indian film industry. Words such as 'bad luck' and 'jinxed' were often used for the actress and she had also opened up about same in an interview last year to Filmfare. Much before Vidya's Bollywood debut with Parineeta, the actress actively pursued a film career down South.

In fact, her first film was opposite Malayalam superstar Mohanlal and the actress evens signed for 12 projects post that. But as fate had it, the film unfortunately got shelved. As per reports, a Mohanlal film getting shelved raised much eyebrows back in the day and the actress was subsequently dropped from all films, labelling her as 'bad luck'.

Speaking about this rejection and the failure she has faced so far, Vidya once told Filmfare, "It angers you to be told that youre unlucky. Or that you arent good enough. During Begum Jaan, I harnessed all the anger I felt for all these years. I was carrying the anger of rejection, the judgement around my body, the criticism around my dressing. Ive been called jinxed down South. I rejected my body all my life. I worked hard at accepting myself. That acceptance isnt complete yet. Its still a long way. People dont understand that when you grow up a fat girl, it doesnt leave you."

Over the years, Vidya has not shied away from speaking about weight issues or maintaining a certain image just because she is a celebrity. She has often smashed these stereotypes and addressed hormonal issues she has gone through. "Ive had hormonal problems all my life. Its probably because of the judgement Ive carried around my body. When I was a teenager, people would tell me, Youve got such a pretty face, why dont you lose some weight? Its not a nice thing to say to anyone. Be it a child or a grown-up. So, Id starve myself, Id go through crazy exercise regimens and lose weight. Then the hormonal issue would settle for a bit before it reared its head again."

The actress had also revealed that she stopped looking at the montior years ago since she was dealing with body image issues. "I guess it was my bodys way of revolting because in wanting it to be what it was not, I was constantly rejecting it. Theres no machine as smart as your body. Its the only machine that has emotional intelligence. So even at my thinnest, Ive always felt fat. Weight loss, weight gain, weight loss, weight gain was my pattern for as long as I can remember. Years ago, I stopped watching my shots on the monitor at shoots because Id look at the monitor and be thinking, Am I looking fat?"

Today, the actress has come a long way since then and has become a champion of body positivity. She will soon be seen in Shakuntala Devi which releases on 31 July, 2020, on Amazon Prime.

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When Vidya Balan revealed she was labelled as someone who brought 'bad luck' to the South film industry - PINKVILLA

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