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Dec 26

Weight Loss Plateau? Here’s Why You’re Probably Not Losing Weight – Seekers Time

They say summer bodies are made in the winter, and being that we are smack dab in the beginning of winter, now is the perfect time to get your weight loss journey started. If your like most people, your weight loss efforts consist of working out and eating a well-balanced diet (or trying to). But sometimes, in your efforts to lose weight the right way, you can hit a plateau and all weight loss progress has seemingly come to a complete stop.

Why does this happen?

Hitting a weight loss plateau can be absolutely devastating, frustrating, and actually make you want to give up but giving up isnt the solution here. There are indeed ways to get over weight loss plateaus like intensifying your workouts or reducing your portions even more, but until you look at your current fitness plan, you wont know which direction to go in to start seeing results again.

Everything from water consumption to not reading labels, there are certain things you could be doing that is causing you to slow your weight loss progress and not even know it. The following are possible reasons why your weight loss progress has come to a screeching halt.

In most cases, when youre having trouble losing weight, its likely because youre consuming too many calories, and believe it or not, we tend to underestimate how many calories we take in. The good news is that there are tools to help you in this area. A food scale will help in weighing your food and a calorie counter will help you keep track of your daily caloric intake, which is especially helpful if youre trying to remain under a certain number.

Portion size is really a state of mind. When most people have big plates, they tend to put more food on the plate than they really need to feel full. Also, just because you put a certain amount of food on your plate, that doesnt mean you have to eat it all, despite our parents telling us to eat everything on our plates when we were kids.

The thing to remember is that you can always go back for more if youre still hungry But you also have to remember that youre not supposed to eat till youre stuffed you eat just enough to feel content. If you know you struggle with portion control, there are actually sectioned plates and containers with proper portions made into the plate or container to help you get a feel of the right amount of food to consume.

To be fair, some people just dont like vegetables, either due to the taste or the texture but its still a very necessary part of your diet. Instead of not eating vegetables all together, consider drinking your vegetables in a weight loss juice cleanse. Juice cleanses are a wonderful alternative to get your necessary veggie intake versus running the risk of overcooking your vegetables and losing all of its nutritional value. The only thing you want to do is make sure youre choosing a juice cleanse thats 100% raw.

If youre dealing with a sleep disorder, there are products to help you with that, but at the same time, exercise is one of the best ways to get a good nights rest. The important thing here is to be able to recognize that youre not getting enough sleep.

When you sleep, your body is recharging itself to repair and rebuild tissues, and when you dont give your body the proper time to do that, it can leave you feeling tired, weak, and ultimately, unmotivated to even continue on your weight loss journey. Melatonin is a natural supplement designed to aid with getting ample sleep, and exercise is as well. If youre still not getting enough sleep, consult with your doctor.

You can do all the cardio in the world but if you dont build muscle in conjunction with your cardio workouts, youll only break down your muscle. Any form of resistance training is going to burn a significant amount of calories than just doing cardio. This will build your metabolism and sculpt your body to stay toned and muscular, which will enhance your appearance even more when combined with a cardio regimen.

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Weight Loss Plateau? Here's Why You're Probably Not Losing Weight - Seekers Time

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