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Aug 9

Running To Lose Weight? Heres How Far You Actually Need To Run – News18

We all know a balanced diet and physical exercise help one shed the extra kilos. But do you know how much you should gym or run daily to lose weight? To lose weight, many adopt different techniques, but running is one of the common exercises that can be done at a comfortable pace and at any time of the day.

According to a report in Healthline, running burns a large number of calories. It is more effective for weight loss than any other exercise. When you run, you use maximum power. In the report, it was revealed that running 1600 meters burns 35 calories more than walking. If you run 8-10 kilometres daily, then you can burn 350 calories more than walking.

Research by Harvard University found that running for 30 minutes at a speed of 10 km per hour burns about 372 calories. Running also helps to reduce belly fat faster. Many studies show that belly fat is very harmful to health and increases the risk of heart disease.

High aerobic exercise like running can prove to be very effective in reducing belly fat. If you are running at a good speed, then you will not need to change your diet. Cycling also reduces belly fat.

Benefits of running:

1. Running improves cardiovascular fitness and helps in maintaining a healthy weight.

2. Running helps help to build strong bones.

3. Running also reduces the risk of cataracts and protects from other diseases as well.

4. People over the age of 60 years must do jogging to avoid knee pain.

5. Running also boosts joint strength and improves stability.

6. It promotes better sleep and improves mood.

7. Many studies suggest that running can also improve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

8. It also helps in managing blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

You must make some dietary changes to help you in long-term sustainable weight loss.

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Running To Lose Weight? Heres How Far You Actually Need To Run - News18

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