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Feb 15

Mum loses the equivalent of another ‘person’ in weight and reverses her diabetes – Bristol Post

A mum-of-two who struggled with her weight since she was a teenager has lost an incredible 15 stone and reversed her diabetes.

Sally Diggle, 58, had battled with her weight from the young age of 10, when she was taken to a dietician.

But the weight kept piling on and at her heaviest Sally weighed 28 stone, leaving her facing a host of health issues and unable to even put her own socks on.

Over the years Sally had tried to lose weight at various slimming clubs and on her own.

She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2004 and at that point weighed 25 stone.

Following the diagnosis she continued to gain weight until she reached 28 stone the following year.

Her GP then suggested she undergo a gastric bypass operation and in 2005 she had the procedure.

By 2008, Sally had got down to 16 stone.

But the weight slowly started to creep back on.

Following the operation I was not given any nutritional advice or support and advice on what food to choose," said Sally.

So I carried on eating what I wanted.

I got complacent as I was feeling better.

I like chocolate and toast and butter and chips.

Sweet stuff such as puddings was my real weakness. Sure enough the weight started to creep back on again.

Sally then had to deal with her husband Alan having a stroke in 2010. She cared for him at their Withywood home until he died in 2015.

As I was caring and focusing on him, I didnt think about myself, she said.

Alan moved into a nursing home for the last three months of his life.

Then I ate for comfort, said Sally.

After Alans death, Sally visited her GP where tests revealed she was type two diabetic and had a fatty liver.

It was then, weighing more than 22 stone, she decided to take action and join WW (Weight Watchers).

After about four or five months by blood sugar levels had come down and my diabetes had reversed, she said.

I went to hospital and had a liver biopsy which showed I had a fatty liver.

By the time I went back again I had lost seven stone and a scan showed my liver had gone back to normal and now they just keep an eye on me.

Once my health was at risk it was like the choice about losing weight had been made for me and it was a lot easier.

So far, Sally has lost nine stone and six pounds and has a further eight pounds to go to hit her target.

She currently weighs 12st 12lbs.

Its incredible to think that from my heaviest point I have now lost nearly 15 stone thats more than the equivalent of a whole person, she said.

Sally has swapped her breakfast of toast with lots of butter for fruit. Dinner is now scrambled egg rather than a toastie and a dinner of a jacket potato loaded with butter has been replaced by vegetables and gravy.

The funny thing is I still often feel the size I was before, she said.

I dont have a full length mirror in my house.

But the other day I went to my mums house and she has one in the hallway.

I walked past it and caught a glance of myself and thought, whos that?

Not being so heavy means that my stomach no longer rubs on the steering wheel, I can cross my legs and I can put on my own socks.

Sally is now in size 16/18 clothes and swims five times a week.

Losing the weight has done amazing things for me health wise and its much easier for me to move around.

Its not just my eating habits which have changed completely, my mindset has altered too.

I realised that if I didnt change things, I would die. It sounds really brutal but that is the harsh reality of my situation back then. WW saved my life

If I can do it, anyone can.

Jo Ricketts, the Bristol WW Coach, said: "When Sally came through the door, I knew I could help her.

Sally is such a lovely woman and she has really come out of her shell since she first joined.

Its great losing weight but its all about what you gain in terms of self-confidence and being able to do things again that youd given up on.

She is an inspiration."

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Mum loses the equivalent of another 'person' in weight and reverses her diabetes - Bristol Post

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