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Dec 26

Lost weight is nearly equal to weight of five family cars – Wiltshire Times

SLIMMERS in Trowbridge bucked the lockdown trend and lost over 1,000 stones, the weight of nearly five family cars, in 2020.

Theyve lost an incredible 1,173st in their Slimming World groups during 2020 - or over seven tonnes. Local consultants Sarah Foley, Judy James, Nicola Watters, Katherine Storey and Sarah Dearden are delighted to be back helping members to lose weight and improve their health in person, and the results on the scales show just how much members are loving being back together too.

Nicola Watters, who has lost five stones as a member herself, said: Weve been supporting members virtually in online weekly groups since March, when the national lockdown first closed our community groups and returned to physical groups whenever it was safe to do so.

"We have been absolutely blown away by the commitment of our Trowbridge members, whether joining us in our at home virtual groups, or in our safe, Covid-compliant real life groups, its proven that Slimming World helps people lose weight no matter what with our generous healthy eating plan - no dieting here!

This year has been far from easy for all of us, with some people struggling more than others, but for lots of my members all of the challenges and anxieties have actually made them more determined than ever to achieve their goals and improve their health. Theyve proved anyone wanting to lose weight and feel healthier which research shows could protect against disease doesnt have to give up on their dreams."

Member Nicky Vine, who runs her own cleaning company Miss Sparkle, joined the Walwayne Court School group in January 2020 and has lost 1 stone 10lb. She said: Like a lot of people, I found lockdown challenging and I was worried Id gain a few extra pounds.

"With so much in the news about weight and associated health risks including Covid-19, I wanted to lose weight and take my health into my own hands. I was so pleased I followed Slimming World throughout 2020, Judys weekly group really kept me motivated.

I know it can be nerve-wracking to walk into a Slimming World group for the first time, especially at the moment, but I can assure anyone whos worrying about their weight that theres no judgment at Slimming World, just respect and care and its absolutely safe. Every single person in the room has been there themselves, everyone understands exactly how it feels and everyones welcome at our group.

"I know that I was taking comfort in food and alcohol. As well as being able to share how were feeling, being able to share ideas about how to enjoy delicious food and feel fitter and healthier has made a real difference not just to my weight, its helped me have a much more positive outlook too. If anyones worrying about going hungry before I joined I definitely thought losing weight meant Id be starving dont, Slimming Worlds plan is about eating everyday foods and all your favourite meals, you just find out how to make small changes to how you cook them that make a big difference to your weight.

To find out more about your local Slimming World group or to find out how to book your place visit and enter your postcode.

Local consultant Judy says: If youre worrying about your weight and feeling alone and desperate, dont give up. Dont put it off. Our Slimming World group is here and getting together every week no matter what. So if youre thinking of joining, come and be part of that success youll be welcomed by every one of us.

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Lost weight is nearly equal to weight of five family cars - Wiltshire Times

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