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Aug 25

Losing weight with inStriv – WKBW 7 News Buffalo

We all have heard if you want to lose weight, you have to count those calories! We asked Diane R. Freynik, senior nutritional counselor and therapeutic weight loss specialist from inStriv if their program at inStriv is a calorie counting type of program?

She says, Actually it is not because calories are not created equal. If what you are focusing on is the caloric number, the caloric value of a food, a grape has 10 calories but so an M&M. They dont metabolize the same way. You have to take in account the metabolic properties of that food. What is it doing to your body? Is it getting you to burn the right thing when you are trying to lose weight? Are you fueling your body for weight loss or are you fueling your body to lose some things you dont want to lose like muscle and water and fiber?

She says the real truth about counting calories is that your body is a very intelligent learning machine and to preserve you when you are cut back on the amount of calories youre eating whether it is intentional or intentional, your bodys response is to slow down your bodys metabolic system so your body will adapt to that lower calorie number in order to have you survive. It doesnt know if you are starving, it just knows you arent eating enough.

So when that occurs, and your body adapts, do you stop losing weight?

Diane answers this question by giving us the typical scenario they see with many clients at inStriv. She says, Someone will say I dont know whats going on, I cant lose weight, Ive tried everything. I go on a diet, I cut my calories, Im trying to eat healthy, I drink my water and my scale may go down maybe five pounds, maybe ten pounds but then your scale will stop moving and the reason that happens is that adaptation we are talking about, metabolically you are slowing down. The problem is when you jump on the scale and you dont see it moving and you put in all that effort you become very frustrated. Thats natural, thats normal and when you get to that stage its easy to go back to some of those old habits you were doing before and then youre not going to gain back lost muscle tissue. The only thing you are going to gain back is fat so over time that yoyo, thats really the yoyo diet, you lose, you gain. The problem there is when you are losing you are losing muscle right along with fat and when you re-gain, you are only gaining fat. Thats a dangerous scenario, we dont want people falling into that.

So, if calorie counting isnt the answer, what is? Diane says she is glad we asked that question. She says burning fat is not about denying your body calories. When you are 25 your metabolism is different than when you are 45 and beyond. She says with inStriv they dont look at your calories, instead they teach you what they right foods are and the right quantity to start making real metabolic changes. When you are eating the right things, she says food can be magical, it can do amazing things to your body. It can stimulate fat burning, it can help to balance your hormones, it can reduce acidity, it can reduce inflammation, and thats what they are going to focus on is teaching you the right blend of foods can really change your metabolic picture, repair and strengthen your metabolism and really get you on a path where you arent just going to lose weight but you are going to keep it off for life.

Right now, they are offering free online virtual consultations for the first 25 callers!! She says, you will meet one on one with a Certified Therapeutic Weight Loss Specialist, like myself, or another member of my team, who will listen to your story, help pinpoint the issues that are most affecting you, and create a customized fat loss plan to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Give their office a call at 570-279-4880 or visit them online at

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Losing weight with inStriv - WKBW 7 News Buffalo

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