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Feb 4

I’m A Breathing Expert: This Is How Breathwork Can Affect Your Weight Loss –

We should note that this oxidation process happens only when you're losing the actual weightyou can't expect to level up your breathing and instantly drop pounds. Movement and diet are still important for weight loss; that weight lost is just released through your breath, which is pretty fascinating.

As Bentley explains, "Movement, exercise, and diet, they help release the carbon dioxide from those fat cells, which helps change the whole structure of those cells and helps with weight loss," says Bentley.

But if you do eventually breathe out the fat once it's transformed into carbon dioxide, a proper breathwork practice doesn't hurt. We still don't know if breathwork itself helps speed the process along (there's no data yet to support this claim), but we do know that slow, deep breathing can engage the diaphragm and help the body take in more oxygen. If that uptick in oxygen, coupled with traditional weight loss methodslike movement and dietcontributes to the oxidation process in the fat cells, well, it's too early to say for sure.

So if you are trying to shed stubborn weight, perhaps add in some box or belly breathing to your exercise regimen: Breathwork has tons of other benefits for well-being, anyway, and who knowsyou might support your fat cells' oxidation process, too.

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I'm A Breathing Expert: This Is How Breathwork Can Affect Your Weight Loss -

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