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Nov 11

How you can Lose Weight During the Holidays – ABC 4

As you saw in the cooking segment from PUR Life Medical, patients are not restricted by meticulous diets and still get to enjoy wonderful tasting food. Dr. Roberts from PUR LIFE Medical joinedGood Things Utah to talk about how PUR LIFE Medical is different than any other weight loss program.

Their program is like nothing else youve ever seen. Theres no counting calories or extreme diets. PUR Life Medical approaches weight loss from a scientific standpoint by first identifying any health condition patients may have that make weight loss difficult or even impossible. Every day Dr. Roberts has patients come in who are doing everything right, exercising, eating clean, and getting enough sleep, yet they still cant lose weight. So, they find out why by gathering as much information as possible.

One of the tools PUR Life Medical uses is a device called the Menla Scan. It uses 4 scientifically substantiated tests to scan the body for potential problems. It takes about 10 minutes to scan someone and produces about 23 pages of data points. These 23 pages of data points are analyzed and then those findings used in conjunction with your health history helps to determine the best weight loss plan to resolve underlying problems, restore optimal health and help you lose the weight you want to lose.

Right now is the very, very best time of the year to begin a weight loss program. When youre successful losing weight during the holidays, you know you can lose or maintain your weight any time of the year and you dont have to live a life without ever eating Thanksgiving pie.

So many people have tried every diet, every fad to ever come along. Many have given up. Its those women and men that Pur Life Medical and Dr. Roberts really want to help. Call Pur Life Medical at 801.810.CARE and schedule an appointment, bring a spouse, a family member, or a friend but bring someone.

Two people will get the following 3 things for just $59:

Thats a $700 value!

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How you can Lose Weight During the Holidays - ABC 4

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