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Sep 18

How To Manage Weight Loss When You Have Asthma – Health Digest

Have you noticed how full you feel after eating popcorn, salads, or fresh fruits? These foods are high in water and fiber, which may help suppress hunger. Plus, they're low in calories, making it easier to reduce your energy intake and lose weight. For example, cucumbers and lettuce are 95% water and have roughly 15-17 calories per 3.5 ounces, reports MyFoodData. The same goes for soups, citrus fruits, spinach, kale, berries, and other high-volume foods.

Paula Norris, an Australian dietician, explains that volume eating can curb appetite without increasing your calorie intake. Basically, it's a strategy that allows you to eat more and feel full for longer. The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control recommends filling up on soup, stews, fruits, legumes, vegetables, and salads. You could mix spinach or kale into brown rice, snack on veggie sticks, add fruit to yogurt, drink green smoothies between meals, and so on. With this approach, you'll get full faster and stay hydrated while upping your fiber intake.

All in all, losing weight when you have asthma isn't that different from leaning out when you're perfectly healthy. You still need to get active, cut calories, and practice portion control. Also, it's important to choose whole foods whenever possible and meet your nutritional needs. Intermittent fasting and other strategies can bring you closer to your goals, but it's your overall diet and exercise habits that matter most.

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How To Manage Weight Loss When You Have Asthma - Health Digest

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